Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mud and Squash

Today was yet another adventure filled day in the life of a single mother of 3...(I'm actually not single, it just seems that way with a principal as a husband)... If I only had a camera at the moment I looked out the kitchen window and caught Tucker with a shovel, putting mud in the chimney part of the chiminea (sp?). I went outside to scold only to come back in, hearing the sounds of something hitting the sunroom windows. YES, he was throwing mud because I took the shovel away. Needless to say, he went to bed VERY early tonight.

Little man, Porter ate squash for the first time tonight. It's his first real food other than rice cereal. Here he is with his first bite...
and here he is after his last bite -- notice he didn't make too much of a mess -- pretty much everything went right in the mouth...
...and yes, here is the COMPLETELY clean container. When Tucker and Sawyer were at this stage, they took one bite and the rest went in the trash. Not Porter...doesn't believe in waste.
He is such an easy baby. (I hope I don't eat these words later) He is yet to roll over but honestly, we're not too worried about it. One thing is for sure, he'll have plenty to work off once he does start to be mobile.

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Trasie Bressler said...

I love that kid........He's just like his Aunt Trasie makes a happy plate every meal!!! Good job Porter!

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