Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring Dance Recital

We were so lucky to have so much family in town the weekend of Sawyer’s spring dance recital.  Trevor (cousin) graduated the same weekend so it all turned out just perfect.  We love cousin Lexi and especially the her talents with stage makeup…IMG_5356

There’s that sweet little butterfly.  This costume was my favorite…even if little miss didn’t want to do this dance for ANYTHING!…IMG_5358

She would do this thing with her lips because of the lipstick…..SO funny… IMG_5361IMG_5362

The monkey dance…IMG_5384

I’m gonna be honest.  For as ready as my daughter was for this part of her childhood to be over (dance), she was BY FAR the best at the monkey dance…IMG_5386IMG_5387

Yep…great form…IMG_5388IMG_5390IMG_5393IMG_5395

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


There she is…1 day of Preschool left…IMG_5297

And there she is being Sawyer…We got to join our kids on the last day for a picnic lunch.  Of course, the weather never cooperates in Kansas so it turned into an indoor activity.  That’s OK, though.  A picnic’s a picnic, right?…IMG_5303

Mrs. Wright…IMG_5317

Mrs. Slack…IMG_5318

The next time I see this, it will be her FIRST day of KINDERGARTEN!!!!…oh my…IMG_5320

Emily and Sawyer are great friends.  Susie (Emily’s mom) and I are great friends…IMG_5332

and…these 2 will both be going to the same elementary school in the fall..YAY!!!IMG_5334

Monday, May 2, 2011

Sawyer’s Spring Program ‘11 … Kidslink Goes Prehistoric

I love watching this kid perform.  She never disappoints.  I hope she never loses her stage presence.


We love Kidslink Preschool.  We are 2 for 3 right now.  Kinda sad to think that we only get to watch one more go through this preschool program….BUT…taking a year off of monthly tuition…I can handle thatSmile

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