Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 11, 2009...(back post)...the last one -- phewww..

It's the day before Easter and life couldn't be better. This is truly a BEAUTIFUL time of year. And I must say how much more I enjoy it with children. We just finished coloring Easter eggs and what fun both Tuck and Sawyer had! I love watching their little personalities come out while doing this. Sawyer kept putting in egg after egg...getting the job done. She is one who is always busy doing something. She is never bored and is right on top of the task at hand. Tucker, on the other hand, colored maybe 5 eggs compared to Sawyer's 19. He had to think everything through VERY carefully...which color, how long should it be left in the dye, the egg should stay in the dye for a very long time in order to achieve the brightest possible color, all while exclaiming, "The Easter Bunny is gonna think mine's the coooollllest". He's very cautious and doesn't take too many risks...unless of course, it's jumping off of something.

On a somewhat gross note, I went up to take a shower this morning while Darrin was feeding the baby and the other two were outside. Evidently, Tucker comes in and tells Dad that he needed to show him something. Darrin tells him that he's busy feeding the baby and to bring in whatever it was that Tucker wanted to show him....well, here's the GROSS part...Tucker brings in a DEAD baby oppossum to show Darrin. Darrin quickly tells him to throw it away...not wanting him to take it back outside, knowing that it would be the new attraction out there for both Tuck and Sawyer (Darrin is still feeding the baby)...he will take care of it as soon as he's done feeding Porter. he tells Tucker to go to the bathroom and wash REALLY well. By this time, I come downstairs from my shower and Darrin tells me all that has happened in the last 45 minutes. I am just freaked out by this! I go through the door knobs with Clorox wipes, make Tucker strip down so that I can wash his clothes, and Darrin has completely FORGOTTEN about the oppossum in the trash in the KITCHEN!!! - I had assumed he had 'taken care of it' by now. We go on with decorating eggs and just having a great time. All of a sudden Darrin remembers the "deceased" in the trash. BLAHHHHHH!!!!! So disgusting! Everyday my husband lets out a little more of his "Redneck" personality. Did I not know this 10 years ago? Oh well, I guess this is what makes life interesting.:-)

"Lord, we praise You for You have Risen"...Let's just hope the oppossum stays put:-)

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