Sunday, October 24, 2010

One hand down….

Yep, I am mother of the year.  My oldest turned 6 almost a month ago and I’m so very promptly getting it blogged.  I’m amazingSmile 

No more telling people how old he is on one hand.  Tucker now has to use both hands.

This was Tuck’s first ‘real’ birthday party.  Up until now, the parties have pretty much consisted of brother, sister, Grandma, and Grandpa.  Since he is still convinced that he wants to be an owl man when he grows up, I thought the perfect place to have his first ‘real’ party would be out at the Eagle Valley Raptor Center.  When we were told that there should be no running, yelling, being loud, etc… I was beginning to wonder about the fun factor for a bunch of 3-6 year olds.  But honestly, the kids could have cared less.  The animals were absolutely amazing.

Grandma Willey made that absolutely adorable owl cake.  She did such a fantastic job.  Mr. Lockwood aka ‘Owl Man’ was so impressed.  He asked if he could put pictures of it in his brochureSmile  Thanks Mom!  It made the party perfect.   IMG_1003


Yep, that’s a dead mouse that that bird’s eating.  There was a lot of that….IMG_1036

I love my friend Maranda’s face…. the kids were mesmerized – she was completely grossed out. IMG_1062

I love this owl.  My high school mascot was an owl.  This one reminds me so much of good old GP.IMG_1065IMG_1097Tuck got to feed one of the birds since he was the birthday boy.  It happened to be the vulcher.  Kinda gross but ok…  IMG_1103IMG_1109He looks like he’s sick right here….those dead mice were nasty…IMG_1113… but really he was just taking a bow….IMG_1114Dead mice flying through the air…IMG_1128IMG_1138IMG_1141

Terror…. pure terror….IMG_1142

Mr. Lockwood taught Tucker “Eagle-language”….IMG_1153

So amazing and beautiful…IMG_1167

I had to include this one.  Kara and I are busy trying to arrange their marriage. SmileIMG_1175IMG_1177

Pretty sure he’s starting to get tired of the traditional birthday plate picture.  You’ve got at least 12 years left of this babeSmileIMG_1201

Treats for the Kindergarten class…IMG_1208IMG_1219

This little girl is Karsyn.  She makes Tucker’s life crazy but they are really great friends at the same time.  She torments him on a daily basis but I’m pretty sure he loves it.  IMG_1226IMG_1227IMG_1228

And the sweet little girl in red is Katie.  Bless her heart.  Every class has a Katie.  She was not at all impressed with the Trix on Stix.  She asked me if I had brought any other treats.  She said she only likes healthy cereal like Lucky Charms and Fruity Pebbles.  Oh sweet sweet Katie…IMG_1231IMG_1233IMG_1234

Oh those hands…IMG_1251IMG_1257No birthday is complete without a few super hero appearances…IMG_1288IMG_1292

Abs of steel…IMG_1307IMG_1302IMG_1313Oh Tucker…. I can’t believe you are 6.  You are in school and have completely grown up overnight.  You can sound out simple words and now read to me at bedtime.  The beginning of the school year started off pretty rough.  Lots of tears and long goodbyes in the morning.  Now you get out of the van and walk in like you’ve been doing it for years.  So many people have told me that once a child enters Kindergarten, don’t blink because you’ll miss everything.  Those people were so right.  The first quarter is already done.  Why does time go so fast???  I love you my little man…. more and more every day.IMG_1314

And then there’s Pig Pen…. this kid has a permanent cloud of filth surrounding him.  It doesn’t matter that this was right after eating birthday cake.  He is ALWAYS dirty…. IMG_1323

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