Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 8, 2009...(back post)

I got a call from my niece Tabitha today. She's in the hospital with a shaky right arm. I'm very worried about her. She's my first niece and I love her as if she was my own child. I hope we get more answers today. There are days I just wonder when my perfect world will come crashing down. I consider myself incredibly lucky. My parents are well, my friends are well, and my immediate family is well. I often wonder when that will come to an end. When will God decide that it's my turn for heartache and hurt? I know, or at least I want to know that Tab is just fine but I can't say that these thoughts don't go through my head.

On another note, Tucker has pink eye!!! Arrrgggg....I've never experienced this. My gal pal Trasie said it's really no big deal. I guess I always put it up there with lice.........naaaasssssty! We got some medicine (medis, as my kids call it) and hopefully it will be gone tomorrow.

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