Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 9, 2009...(back post)

Today was Tucker's Easter party at school. I experienced my very first responsibility as Room Mother. I kind of screwed up and didn't have anyone to watch my kids so I had to take Sawyer and Porter with me. I was a little poo pooed on this one by the teacher and the other mothers. What do ya do? I got a few pictures but wish I could have been a little more involved.

Tucker with his basket full of eggs from the Easter Egg Hunt

DARRIN IS GONE WAY TOOOO MUCH!!!! I feel like I handle it pretty well but I do think it's starting to take it's toll on the kids. Tucker brought the calendar off of the fridge to me tonight and asked me if Dad was working late tonight? It's so sad that my four year old is already living off of a calendar

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