Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Car Talk …

Sawyer:  Mom, Is Gwama (grandma) pickin’ me up today?
Me:  Well Honey, you don’t have school today but yes, Grandma is picking Tucker up from school today.
Tucker:  Why is Grandma picking me up?
Me:  I have a doctor’s appointment today.
Tucker:  [he’s my big worrier … gee, I wonder where he gets it???] Oh Mom, are you getting shots?
Me:  No Honey.
Tucker:  Are you sick?  Why are you going to the doctor?
Me:  Every year mommies have to go to the doctor.  Kind of like how you and Sawyer and Porter have to go to the doctor every so often  just to make sure you’re doing good … well, it’s kind of like that.
Tucker:  Well, we have to always get shots.
Me:  Not always.
Tucker:  Mom, when I get big I’m gonna be a venter. [an inventor]  And I’m gonna vent shots that don’t hurt.
Me:  OK.
Tucker:  They’re gonna be the most awesome [yes, he used this word] shots cause they won’t hurt.
Me:  That’s a GREAT idea!
Tucker:  Yeah, there won’t be a pokey end on it.  It will be a soft end that just pushes soft on your arm and it doesn’t hurt.  I’m gonna call it The Most Awesome Shot.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Tucker is a stinkin’ genius!  Why hasn’t someone thought of this?  They can create a patch to help stop smoking, a patch to help with motion sickness, why not something that simple for kids’ vaccines?  I know, I know, it’s just a shot.  They should just deal with it.  It’s over as fast as it happens.  Tucker HATES going to the doctor’s office.  He LOVES his doctor but completely associates ‘going to the doctor’ with shots and pain … scary, scary pain.  I happen to think the Most Awesome Shot is going to sweep the country someday.  You heard it here first:-)
Tucker-man, you’re going to achieve big things in life.  You’re 5 years old and some of your ideas, dreams, and ‘ventions’ amaze me.  Keep ‘em coming, Buddy!  You can be whatever you want to be.  Dreams are meant to be lived. 

Friday, January 22, 2010

Brunch …. Dear Lord, …..

I’ll admit it.  Today was one of those REALLY off days for us.  I totally blew off getting breakfast around and by the time I realized it, it was too late for breakfast as we were an hour away from our lunchtime.  So what does one do?  BRUNCH, of course!  My kids love waffles so waffles it was….

IMG_3725  IMG_3738 IMG_3742

Tucker and Sawyer LOVE to pray.  I know, Dina’s biggest fear in the whole wide world is public speaking.  I remember my Sunday school teacher asking who would like to lead the prayer.  I was the biggest coward.  I would rather curl up in a fetal position in a corner than lead the Sunday school prayer.  Oh, and to have my dad ask if I would like to lead it at family dinners? … yikes….. 

My kids pray everyday at school so it’s very natural for them at home.

Sometimes, a little too natural….

IMG_3744 IMG_3745 IMG_3746 IMG_3747

This was the part where she thanked the Lord for waffles….

IMG_3748 IMG_3749

Is it bad that I was taking pictures during the prayer?  Please forgive me, Lord.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Car Talk …

IMG_3693 copy

While on our way to preschool today ….

Me:  “What does a red light mean?”  (as the sound(s) from the backseat were about to drive me to my edge and I needed to create some sort of distraction  )

Sawyer & Tucker:  “STOP!”

Tucker:  “Green means GO.  What does the yellow light mean, Sawyer?”

Sawyer:  “It means to swow down, Tucko.”

Tucker:  “Good job, Sawyer [in his best teacher voice]!  How did you know that?”

Sawyer:  “Cuz I’m smote.”

Me:  [smile:-)]


This one’s pretty 'smote’ too…

IMG_3700IMG_3701 IMG_3703

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Baby it’s cold outside…

so what does one do with three ‘cabin-fevered’ kids?  Well play Zingo of course!  My kids love this game … as you can see it’s Bingo taken down a notch.


IMG_3203 IMG_3207 IMG_3208

It’s all fun and games until a certain person (who shall remain nameless) starts to get … can we say … a little competitive

IMG_3210 IMG_3211

My card kept getting full … Tucker’s card kept getting full …

IMG_3212 IMG_3220


…annnndddd… Mommy wins …

 IMG_3226 IMG_3229


Thinkfun? …


Seriously? …


Tucker didn’t win one single game but was having a blast …


She was a trooper and hung in there …

 IMG_3246 IMG_3253


IMG_3260 IMG_3266


And what was Porter doing during all the fun?  Who knows?  He’s a speed demon now and nobody can catch him …

 IMG_3284 IMG_3285


“101 Things Every Kid Should Do”

-- Play Zingo!



* Oh yeah, did you notice the girl gave herself an Extreme Makeover?  Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it ….*

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Back to the grind….

Darrin goes back to work tomorrow.  Tucker goes back to school tomorrow.  I get back to setting my alarm for tomorrow morning.  It’s time to get back into a routine.  I was actually quite prepared for all this except the fact that Tucker kept bugging, bugging, BUGGING his dad all day to take him and get him (Tucker) a tie. 

Let me back up a minute…. Today, while ‘un-decorating’ the tree, Tucker asked if he could have a ribbon off of it.  “I want to wear it to school tomorrow to look handsome, Mom.”  I said, “Honey, you don’t need to wear a ribbon to look handsome.  Besides, ribbons are kind of for girls, you know.”  He watches me make these hair bows for little girls and really, REALLY likes them.  He decides to give up on the ribbon thing and starts BEGGING his dad to take him to get a tie.  Darrin finally gives in and the two of them are off on a mission.  I’m thinking the entire time, “For heavens sake, this is ridiculous.  He wants to wear a tie to school tomorrow?  What is my 5 year old, dirt lovin’, mess makin’ child thinking?” 

They get back from the store with a very nice black tie.  He goes immediately into his bedroom to start trying on his outfit for tomorrow.  Mind you, he doesn’t own a single dress shirt that would be suitably worn with a black tie.  He doesn’t care.  He has his favorite (too small) denim button down shirt to ‘go with it’.  As he’s getting ready, Darrin tells me that while they were in the store, Tucker lets on that, “girls wear bows to look pretty and boys wear ties to look pretty … well not pretty but handsome.”  This makes me smile.

Tucker makes his way out of his bedroom and says, “Mom, do you think Ryleigh will think I look handsome?”  My boy likes a girl.  It’s all starting.  Immediately I’m thinking:  Why is he wanting to grow up so fast?  Why aren’t girls gross to him?  Why does he want to start dressing himself?  Will she laugh at him?  I WILL be the only female in his life!!! …. I’m kidding on that one, though I wouldn’t mind …. 

This too shall pass, right???  Even though the tie completely does NOT go with the shirt (although, there is a little Johnny Cash feel to it), he’s the most handsome (little) man I’ve ever met….

IMG_3170 IMG_3172

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

IMG_2927IMG_2929 IMG_2941 copy IMG_2949  IMG_2955IMG_2965 IMG_2973 IMG_2985 IMG_2993


Zak got Tucker a BB (is that how you spell that?) Gun for Christmas but had just the hardest time keeping it a surprise.  On Christmas Eve, Zak spilled the beans.  Well, Tuck had been told by his Uncle Doug back at Thanksgiving that if you peeked at your presents, Santa leaves sticks and stones in the box that you peeked in … Evidently Uncle Doug had a bad peeking experience one year as a kid and this ACTUALLY happened to him … Anyway, Tucker knew what was in the bb gun box.  When we opened presents on Christmas morning, WHAT A SURPRISE!  I think Zak was more in shock than Tuck was.  What Uncle Doug says is gospel.  He DID get his gun in the end … and shoot, it wasn’t his fault that Zak spilled the beans … but it sure was fun to watch:-)

IMG_3002 copy IMG_3014 copy IMG_3015 copy


IMG_3030 copy


Awwww…. a beautiful, new, petti skirt (aka Cinderella dress…


“Do you want to try it on, Sawyer?”


“Maybe too-ma-woe”

IMG_3051 IMG_3063 IMG_3081 IMG_3084


And the reaction of the day ----

Dad gave Mom Billy Joel/Elton John concert tickets.  My camera just isn’t fast enough to catch one VERY excited grandma….

IMG_3095 IMG_3098 IMG_3100 IMG_3101 IMG_3104 IMG_3116 IMG_3120 


Goodbye 2009 …. Hello 2010 ….

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