Thursday, April 23, 2009

March 16, 2009...(back post) Dinner Talk/ Persuasion

Once again, I am sitting at the dinner table pleading with my kids to eat something on their plates...ANYTHING! Finally, Darrin decides that he would like to go to Gander Mountain but neither Sawyer nor Tucker will get to go if they don't eat 2 more bites off their plates. Sawyer is completely reluctant...won't eat a bite. Tucker, on the other hand, FINALLY eats his two bites...complaining the whole time that he's going to be sick. -- I'm a terrible cook, but COME ON! Chicken and cheese? FINALLY he completes the task at hand, the 2 bites are in the mouth and on the way down...grimacing the whole time. This is the exact dialogue at this moment in the episode. (Keep in mind, I'm VERY frustrated with both of them and am about to give up completely and throw the dishes in the sink.)

Tucker: (With a full mouth) "Are you proud of me, Mom?...tooooootttttt..." -- With a huge look of terror on his face because he knows how frustrated I am with him and his sister -- Yes, the perfect moment to relieve himself of his bodily gases. I could have yelled -- it was toooo stinkin' funny! We all burst into laughter:-) Why take life so seriously??? They're not going to starve to death:-)

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