Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You say 'Petal', I say 'Pedal'

Tucker has a favorite book about bikes. It's a pretty neat little book. It has cool pictures and goes through all the parts of the bicycle and teaches why each part is important.
Today, Tucker and I are in the front entryway and he sees a basket that I have hanging up that has tulips in it (fake, of course). He touches the colored part of the flower and asks, "What's this, Mom?" I tell him those are 'petals'. He looks perplexed. "You put your feet on those?"....aye,aye,aye........At least he understands the parts of the bike!

Friday, September 7, 2007

No Goodbyes

Doug (Darrin's brother) and his wife Marla stopped in this afternoon. Their daughter goes to Kansas Wesleyan in Salina and runs on the Cross Country team. They had a meet in Wichita today so Doug and Marla drove down from St. Francis to watch. Darrin and Tucker went with them to the meet and I stayed home with Sawyer. They came back when it was over and sat and visited with us for a while before they had to get back in the car and head towards Manhattan for the K-State game (lucky dogs). We were saying our goodbyes and were walking them to the back door. It's the normal, "Have a safe drive, tell the kids hi for us", etc. Tucker tells them goodbye and notices Daddy is walking them further and further to their car. Immediately we hear, "You not say goodbye, Daddy!". I guess he thought Darrin was taking off. He just hates it when he can't go too!
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