Thursday, April 23, 2009

March 17, 2009...(back post) TODAY IS ST. PATTY'S DAY 2009!

We decided to go to the zoo today. Little did we know how horribly crowded it would be. Although it was hard to enjoy it with such wall to wall people, it was nice to do something as a family that was outside of the house. Darrin is on Spring Break so we have to take advantage of all the family time we can get. After the zoo, we ran out to my parent's house to pick up our fishing poles. Tucker hadn't been feeling real great the whole day. It's always hard to tell with him, though. You can't tell if he's REALLY sick or just REALLY feels like being lazy. We decided to go ahead with our day. We got to my parent's house and were enjoying the great weather on their deck when Tucker rushes into the house. (I know to date most of the funny/memorable events that I have written about have involved 'bodily issues', but this was just too cute to forget.) I go into the house to see if everything is ok with yes, it's the dreaded D-word...diahrea..sorry. He comes back outside to join the rest of us and announces to everyone, "My tushy is sick :-(" Poor little guy. But what a trooper to satisfy mom's need for family time.

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