Thursday, August 19, 2010

1 MAJOR milestone down….Can I really handle this?….

IMG_0233-1My first born ventured into a world the other day that I really was not quite sure if I was ready to let him enter.  BUT… it’s not about me, it’s about him.  It’s about him being excited for Kindergarten and all the new adventures that come when he enters school for the first time.  After our Kindergarten Round-up experience, I was really struggling with the actual FIRST day.  About 2 weeks ago, I decided to not let my mind go to that place and let things fall where they may. 

Last week, we had ‘Meet the Teacher’ night at Tuck’s school and I think this was what put him in his ‘happy place’.  He got to meet Miss Jacks for the first time and realized just how fun she was going to be…although the look on his face looks like pure fright, I think he was just taking it all in….

IMG_0227-1 ‘Good Job’ card…IMG_0228-1… and ‘NOT such a Good Job’ card.  We hope this card never gets pulled…

 IMG_0229-1 I do think he’s pretty pumped about sitting a table with 3 other girls…. oh my boy!!!!…That’s Ella…IMG_0230

Tuesday was Tuck’s actual first day.  This getting up thing is going to be a struggle for this little guy.  I’m not sure how I’m going to handle him as a teenager…IMG_0236-1 

There he goes….:-(….

 IMG_0256-1 IMG_0245-1IMG_0260-1

I’m going to miss seeing this little face in my rearview mirror throughout the day…IMG_0267-1 IMG_0269-1

And there she is… Miss Jacks… Tucker absolutely loves her!  She is fantastic!  We are so blessed to have her be such a HUGE part of his life for the next 9 months.  But she will FOREVER be his Kindergarten teacher:-)… IMG_0276-1

His ‘space’….


My morning therapy…. I haven’t been to SB in months but if there was ever a morning I needed a little mood booster, it was Tuesday morning…

IMG_0285 Tuesday was a very ROUGH day for me.  I did so well up until I saw the school buses rolling in at the school.  It’s as if the last (almost) 6 years flashed in front of my face as fast as they seemed to go by in real time.  I think back to the time in my life when I was never going to have kids.  Tuck and his brother and sister are now the ‘imprint’ that I will leave on this earth…(whoa… gettin’ a little deep, Dina)  I am SO SO proud of who this little guy has became and excited to see what the future holds for him.


Now this poor little miss just didn’t know what to do with herself all day Tuesday.  About 20 minutes after we got home, she wanted to know when we were going to go pick up ‘Tucko’.  I told her he’d be at school all day.  She let out a big sigh and said, “I wike my bwutho…”  Poor baby.  They spend a lot of time together and now her little world is in for a big change…IMG_0287-1

I picked him up and was SOOOO excited to see him.  I told him how much I had missed him all day and I asked if he had missed me.  His response, “Not really, Mom.  I wasn’t really ready for you to pick me up.”  And I was worried that he couldn’t handle ALL-DAY Kindergarten????  :-)  Happy Day!IMG_0311

The County Fair ends with a parade and CRAZY drivers….

The perfect ending to a perfect week?  Well, a parade and DEMOLITION derby, of course!  Granny Camp is always centered around the fair.  This was Tuck and Sawyer’s first Granny Camp experience but they can be assured that they will get to enjoy all this small town goodness every year.  Saturday morning was the downtown parade… IMG_9717 IMG_9720 Here comes the candy…IMG_9724 IMG_9745  IMG_9755 IMG_9768 Only in a small town parade is the a semi-truck with a warning sign attached…

IMG_9784 …followed by a dozen 4-wheelers spinning their tires in tubs of water to create a cool shower for the crowd --- PERFECT!…

IMG_9792 IMG_9801

That little man has some fast, yet short, legs…IMG_9810 IMG_9811 IMG_9812 IMG_9813 IMG_9814 IMG_9815 

… and this is where Darrin had to start to ‘intervene’… IMG_9825 IMG_9826 IMG_9833 IMG_9834 IMG_9835

That tootsie roll-lovin’-sucker-catchin’-parade-cheerin’ boy was no longer a happy camper…IMG_9836 … until the float with the popsicles came by… WHAT A GREAT IDEA AT A HOT SUMMER PARADE!!!!IMG_9839

Later that evening, it was time for the Demolition Derby.  I’m here to admit that I’ve NEVER seen anything like this in my life!  The only thing I’ve seen closely resemble this was an episode of ‘Happy Days’.  WOW!  That’s really all I can say.  Men putting tons of time, money, and energy into a junky car just to crash it time after time… after time… AFTER TIME into each other… I L.O.V.E.D. IT!  I know… really?  Really!  Now… I’m not saying I ever want to see any of my own children participate in this particular sport, I’m just sayin’ that this would be something I can see myself attending again next year:-)…

  IMG_9919 IMG_9938  IMG_9942 IMG_9966

Poor ‘Cody’ had to be air lifted by front loader in order to make it out of the arena…IMG_9991  IMG_9983 IMG_0025  IMG_0051 IMG_0054





Adam works for Grandpa Bucholtz at the hardware store and has been doing this every year since he was able to drive.  His car went to demo derby heaven but he re-assured us that he had 13 more cars waiting in his pasture for their turn in the arena.  Some guys keep cows in their pastures… Adam keeps run down hunks of metal in his…:-)… Great Job Adam!  IMG_0068 IMG_0069

Granny Camp 2010 ended for the Ross kids but how can anyone be sad when this is what we got to enjoy on the ride home…IMG_0100 IMG_0078 IMG_0089 IMG_0092

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