Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Can she really be 4 years old???…

Just call me Mother of the Year.  There was a birthday in our house 2 weeks ago and I am just now getting around to documenting it… geesh! 

My one and only girl is no longer what I would consider a toddler.  Why is there such a huge difference between 3 and 4?  You tell people you have a 3 year old and they’re still little… kind of on the tail end of toddler-hood… Then all of a sudden overnight (literally) you have a 4 year old.  An almost-ready-for-school-totally-independent-ready-to-take-over-all-things-that-used-to-be-mom’s-job 4 YEAR OLD!  Our Branson trip always falls very close to Sass-erella’s birthday.  --We’ve been calling her that since she was tiny and now she’s developed this strong attraction toward the REAL Cinderella…. go figure…  IMG_8400

Anyway, we celebrated a few days early while in Branson…

IMG_8369 IMG_8402 IMG_8428 IMG_8452 IMG_8469

This pinata had NO idea what he was in for…

 IMG_8480 IMG_8507 IMG_8375 

Of course her actual birthday (June 15) was a few days after we got back and so of course the BIG EVENT seemed to turn into a week long celebration.  Doesn’t it always??? :-) ….

IMG_8695 IMG_8714 IMG_8749 IMG_8790

Some jewels…


Some shoes…


A bat….hmmm…











Yep, Sass-erella turned Sharp Shooter

IMG_8879 IMG_8881

Meanwhile Mr. Rough and Tough….hmmmm….what’s wrong with this picture?…


Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!  I can’t believe you’re 4!  Your dad went into your room the night of June 14th to kiss you goodnight.  Before he did, he told me he was going in to kiss his 3 year old daughter goodnight for the last time.  Of course I cried.  You’re growing up too fast but I sure am loving watching my one and only daughter keep developing into such a strong, independent, determined young lady…. sometimes a little too determined…

just a little tiny eensy weensy bit:-)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Table Rock 2010

Last week marked our annual trip ‘down south’ to Branson.  I’d love to say that we had a fabulous time but I’m just going to be honest and say that once we got there, I was ready to turn around and come home.  My kids started fighting and it NEVER stopped.  They drove me nuts, Darrin nuts, my sister and her family nuts, my aunt and her husband nuts, and worst of all my parents nuts.  I’ve mentioned this before… my folks own 2 time shares down there and are so completely generous to basically pay for my sister and I AND our families to have a real vacation away from homes.  These time shares aren’t just motel rooms or condos…. they are nice – REALLY nice.  Of course, my sisters kids were perfect the entire time and mine had to be complete crabby brats.  [yes children, I know this is YOUR blog but really in all honesty you need to know what you put me through on vacations when you were 1, 3, and 5.  HELL – COMPLETE HELL!!!  But I love you :-) ]  I think it’s way worse when there are other kids along and they are the angels and mine are the spawns of satan.  I’m starting to understand that vacations are no longer about rest and relaxation.  They are now about keeping children entertained for hours upon hours and days upon days.  As long as we were doing something that they enjoyed, the fighting was at bay but unfortunately we DID have to go back to the lodge and heaven forbid we eat out at a place that served food on glass plates with metal utensils and HOLY COW --- shopping???? Really?  How dare I enjoy myself in a store.  That’s just absurd!

I’m starting to sound a little trite towards my kids … “simmer down, Dina” … as rotten as my kids were, we SOOOO appreciate just getting to leave town for a while.  Thanks Mom and Dad:-)  Maybe next time we’ll hire a babysitter to come along with us:-)  Now that’s a real family vacation.  HA!!!!


Pretty much Tucker’s face on the entire trip…IMG_7957  IMG_7988 IMG_7999 IMG_8043

All of the grandkids (except Porter… he was asleep on the boat) and the ONLY time Tuck would step foot on the the tube…IMG_8091

There were a few smiles as long as we were in the pool.  That was nice to see… :-)IMG_8102 IMG_8103 IMG_8104 IMG_8134 IMG_8180 IMG_8149  IMG_8213 IMG_8223 IMG_8265IMG_8292

Not liking this ride…IMG_8595

not liking it one bit…IMG_8596

Ok, maybe it’s not as bad as I thought…IMG_8603 IMG_8605 IMG_8608 IMG_8611 IMG_8667

On the last day, my Aunt Candy brought over something so completely special and something that reminded me to just let some things go. There are things in this world so much more important than me worrying over fighting kids, tantrums, or what other people think.  And those ‘things’ just happen to be these little ‘gifts’ from God.  This quilt made me cry.  It makes me cry just writing about it.  IMG_8912IMG_8914This quilt represents what happens when two people fall in love… when they are crazy enough to have a family… when they realize that life is short and these little people will be grown and gone before we can even say, “How many times do I have to tell you….”.

Thank You Candy.  You have no idea how much this precious precious gift means to me.  You went through hundreds of pictures and completely managed to pick THE most perfect ones that tell the story of who my kids really are.  They are not spawns of satan or rotten brats… they are each unique, sweet little people with their own individual personalities who may throw tantrums and scream hateful words at one another…. but they’re kids and if they didn’t act the way they do, …..they wouldn’t be Tucker, Sawyer, and Porter.  I’ll keep ‘em:-)  I LOVE it, Candy… I really really love it:-)

….and by the way…. who are those two people in the middle????  Not sure I recognize them:-) 


Goodbye Big Cedar!  See you next year …


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A little dancing, a little mud, and a WHOLE lot of clorox….

And now presenting, the outstanding ballroom dancing talents of ‘twinkling toes’ Tucker and ‘sultan of swing’ Sawyer performing their version of Dancing with the Stars Siblings…



Evidently, she didn’t get the memo on NO DANCING IN THE MUD PUDDLES….

IMG_7626IMG_7630IMG_7646 It really didn’t look this bad from far away…IMG_7676And this is the part where she realizes what her pants look like…IMG_7660 …and… this is the part where she realizes mom has seen what her pants look like…IMG_7670 Clorox to the rescue!!!!…IMG_7682 “Dancing - Shmancing… I’m more a flower man myself…”IMG_7686

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