Monday, September 28, 2009

For the first time in my life….


I am the mom to a


IMG_7989The thing this 5 year old was dying to do, was go camping in the ‘Minnie Winnie’.  We went out to Cheney Lake on Saturday.  One of Tuck’s best pals, Reece joined us.  What a great time for these kids.

  IMG_7994IMG_7997 IMG_8017 IMG_8024 Yes, this is a cake with Batman in a (yes, your eyes are fine) FISHIING BOAT!  I wanted to stick to a camping/ fishing theme.  Tucker had his 5 year old heart set on Batman…..we compromised… 

IMG_8029 This was the birthday year of the fake pet…. a ‘battery operated’ hamster in a ball….


…the turtle as a package decoration….


…this frog was not hurt in any way during the celebrating of this 5 year old


…all this talk about ‘fake pets’ and I don’t even have a picture included of the beloved stretchy fish.  This was a gift that Tucker had seen in the gift shop at Cracker Barrel and JUST HAD TO HAVE!  Turns out, it’s a rubber PIRRANAH that will stretch from here to Boston…what fun!!!!???  Oh well, it’s his birthday.  I’d rather spend 3 dollars on a stretchy fish than 300 dollars on some fancy shmancy thing that will never get played with.





   IMG_8177 IMG_8188

…WORN OUT! from a fun-filled camping trip…

IMG_8194 IMG_8204 IMG_8211 IMG_8215  IMG_8224 IMG_8217

Happy Happy Birthday my sweet boy.  You have forever changed my life.  I’m the luckiest person on earth to get to be your mom. ;-)

I love you

Tucker Man!



The Wrights said...

So sweet, Dina-Bina! The camping trip looked great. And the cake, well better than what I had imagined. Bat-Man sure does look tough in that fishing boat!

The Wrights said...

PS So glad to see the tablecloth made the trip out to the lake. It gets cuter every year. I am allowed to say that, right?

Trasie Bressler said...

Ok......So a couple of the pictures in this post made me smile but when I got to the one of Tucker wearing his "COWBOY" jeans I laughed out loud! I could so hear and see my son laughing at the moment that package was unwrapped.

I love ya Tuck man and I'm so sorry that your bestest pal made fun of your "COWBOY" jeans.

Anonymous said...
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