Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yes, there will be a day 5

Yep, we’re still here.  It’s 11pm on Thursday night and I can hardly believe that Sawyer and I have spent almost an entire week in this sad, sad, SAD place.  She was not able to maintain her O2 levels today during her nap so yep, we’re still here and staying another night.
I am encouraged, though.  She has now been asleep for over an hour and is at a steady 93%.  If she goes to 89%, yep, we’ll still be here. 
Even though she hates, hates, HATES this place, she really had a good afternoon after both she and I went into meltdown mode when we found out that we’d be staying another night.  Her brothers and Grandma and Papa came up this afternoon and seeing those boys put her in THE best mood since we’ve been here.  She and Tuck just played and played.  I so wish that the hospital would have let him stay the night up here with us.  It was truly as if her best friend was up here with her and he was:-)  It’s nice to know that their love-hate relationship really is heavier on the love side than the hate side:-)

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