Wednesday, October 7, 2009

We Are the Champions…

IMG_8312It’s Wednesday night and I’m just now getting around to posting about our (that would be me and Tucker) weekend.  Things have been craaaazy busy around here but wow, time to get back in the groove.
This past Saturday, we were blessed with the gift of 3 tickets to watch our K-State Wildcats take on my brother-in-law’s Iowa State Cyclones…which speaking of the Cyclones, why is the mascot a bird looking thing in the middle of a tornado?  I get the tornado/cyclone thing…what’s with the bird?…anyway, I digress….
My dad had gotten my family 3 tickets and my sister’s family 3 tickets for my and my sister’s birthdays.  Unfortunately Darrin couldn’t go because he had to work but fortunately my best gal pal from K- State/ college roomie, Lyndsay came in Darrin’s place.  Doesn't she just have THE most beautiful teeth you have ever seen??!!! jealous! IMG_8269
We had such a great time and it was like the old days back at KSU together…ahhhh the memories:-)
The day was perfect!  The weather was just cold enough without us freezing to death and the GAME…oh, the GAME!  INCREDIBLE!!!  The score was close the entire time as was the excitement.  And yes, the Cats won, they won, they WON! 
But really, come on, the best part of the game….watching my brother-in-law’s team lose.:-)  Am I gloating?  I really don’t mean to…it was just sooo much fun.  Truthfully, he was a very gracious loser and I didn’t smear it in his face….but….a few days have passed, so now I can really rub it in.
We had a great time tailgating…Tucker and Zak spent pretty much the whole time in the Suburban watching a movie….IMG_8276
My BIL (brother-in-law), Erik…
My sister, Donjia…I’m so glad she stayed un-biased and wore a neutral color:-)  When I was at K-State, she was a bigger fan than most of the students there.  Now she’s married to an Iowa State grad (and lives in Iowa … brrr) so she pretty much … well …  ‘when in Rome’…
We were pretty pathetic with our tailgating grub.  When you’re at home loading things up, you really don’t want to lug along a grill plus ALL the food that gets cooked on the grill.  Then you get there and REALLY wish you would have just grabbed the charcoal and brauts because the smell of tailgating is AMAAAZING minus the aroma of stale beer and porta potties:-)
Our first touchdown!!!  Woohoo Cats!!!
Tuck at his FIRST K-state game!…I know, he’s 5 and this is his first game???  Oh, but what a game to break him in!
And…the part of the game that almost brings a tear to my eye every time I watch….I spent many, many, MANY hours of my college life in-between yard lines…ahhhh, the memories… :-)
Thanks for the tickets, Dad! 
I sooo needed this:-)

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