Friday, September 18, 2009

It’s Friday and We’re Goin’ Home!

Sawyer had a FABULOUS night.  Her O2 levels stayed at a no-beeping-level all night long….she never went below 90%.  YAY!!!!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that we will be out of here by noon:-)

We’ll be sent home with 2 nebulizer treatments and 2 steroid doses a day for the next 3 to 4 days.  The key word being HOME….we will be able to continue this at HOME!!!

As frustrating as it has been to be stuck here, I do really appreciate the doctors and nurses thoroughness.  Through the meltdowns (not only Sawyer’s but mine too), they have been so patient and kind and just want the best and safest scenario for my girl.  For that I am very grateful and thank them immensely:-)

Time to start packing all this stuff up.  You’d think we moved in….I guess we kind of did….


Anonymous said...

So glad to read the great news! Woo Hoo! Thank the Lord!

Anonymous said...

oops..that last comment was Barbs!

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