Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 3

So today is our third day at Wesley Hospital with little Miss Sawyer.  I really didn’t think that when she woke up Monday morning with a stuffy nose and cough that we would end up here…much less for 3 DAYS! 

When she woke up Monday I knew she had been fighting a slight cold and was up most of the night coughing.  When she started throwing a meltdown-dragout-wheezing-fit, I had no idea that a dr.’s appointment would end up in a visit to the hospital.

We went to the dr.’s office at 10:30am and were there until 4pm.  Sawyer just couldn’t get her oxygen levels at a safe place to go home with just nebulizer treatments….keep in mind that the words oxygen levels and nebulizer treatments are foreign terms to us and I’m still trying to understand what is happening to my daughter.  Evidently, a combination of seasonal allergies, a head cold, and exposure to certain fumes (colognes, bug sprays, household cleaners) may be the start of asthma for this little sassafras.

A long, long, long story short, we are going on day number three and she is still on 3 liters of oxygen which means that until she can wean herself, we will stay put.  I’m hoping, wishing, and praying that she will make a turn-around today and this will be our last night in a mechanical bed…although, mechanical beds are kinda handy.:-)

It may sound like she is in a frightening situation.  Believe me, she’s really not.  This is just a little bump in this 3 year old’s little life and we will manage it.  I’m truly not worried.  She’s a fighter and I know for a fact that she won’t let a little breathing problem get her down. 

This floor of the hospital is a whole different story.  I CANNOT complain about a small asthma (if that’s what it is) issue.  There are little people along with their parents going through much MUCH bigger issues than low oxygen levels on this floor.  I have sat in this room for 3 days now listening to crying babies, beeping monitors, and seeing some extremely worried faces.  I am so thankful that we are blessed with a minor breathing problem.  Asthma or no asthma – I’ll take it.  Day 3, day 4, maybe even day 5 (let’s hope not…) – I’ll take it:-)


Anonymous said...

Let us know how she's doing!! I hope she gets better soon!! Thinking of you all!! ~B&T

Maranda said...

Poor little Sawyer! I hope you are all home soon. Having a child in the hospital sucks no matter what the reason!

Anonymous said...

Dina, my prayers are with you all. I so can relate, as we went through similar situations with our boys, many years ago. God's Blessings, Barb

The Wrights said...

Hang in there, girlie! I'll keep praying for you. Poor Sawyer and Poor you...and family.

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