Sunday, October 11, 2009

Little Rock Star…

Who just turned 11 months old?  Well, it’s this crazy haired little Rock Star….THAT’S WHO!!!!IMG_8404

This little guy is getting from this position….


…to this position with no assistance at all.


At his 10 month appointment (which was actually 2 weeks ago) he weighed in at a whopping 29 and 1/2 lbs. !!!!  Yes, you heard me right … Basically, he’s about 3 lbs. lighter than his 3 year old sister.  But really, did you expect anything less of him…my little overachiever:-)


For now, we will be rolling up lots of pant legs and sleeves this winter….


He’s still sportin’ just two teeth but couldn’t be any cuter…


This little guy is going to turn 1 year old in a month!!!  How and why does time go so fast???


and drumroll please……

Porter - man’s biggest accomplishment…



Trasie Bressler said...

OH Porter......I can't believe you are a 11 months old already. It just doesn't seem possible that time can actually pass so quickly.

So my little umpa lumpa (that's what your hair reminds me of in these pictures) friend we don't just love you a little.....We love you a whole bunch and in a month we will party like rock stars when you turn the great big ONE!!!!

Dry your eyes my dear friend Dina and don't cry because he is turning one.....Smile and laugh because he is healthy and happy and completes your heart!!!!

I love you all!

Maranda said...

What an absolute cutie! I can't believe Porter will be a year old in a month! Time flies so fast.

jennifer said...

What a cutie patutie! It's like it was yesterday that he was born! This is a sign we don't see you enough!

The Wrights said...

Yep, Porter's hair is just like an Umpa Lumpa's in this post. It's the best! And I totally love how he inches around. That little scoot is just so cute. How can he look so determined and happy at the same time?

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