Friday, October 23, 2009

“That’s MISS Sweetie Pie, to you!”…

Well, Sawyer’s week of celebrity ended with me going to the class to read one of  Sawyer’s favorite books to all her friends.  I enter the room and gosh, how different my kids are.  I remember going to Tuck’s class last year and as soon as I came in, Tucker lights up and yells, “Mommy!”.  I go into Sawyer’s room yesterday and she looks at me … not really too excited … just acting like I come in there all of the time (which I don’t) … not a big deal.  … She turns to the girl next to her because I’m sure the girl was wondering who I was and says, “That’s my mom.”  She’s here … so what … not a big deal …

That’s ok.  That’s one of the things that I respect most about my daughter.  Her independence shines through just about every day.  She’s very secure with herself and doesn’t let too many things overwhelm her.  I have no idea where she get’s this but I sure hope she hangs onto it. 

Anyway, I go into the classroom and Mrs. McCalla announces that “Mrs. Ross is here to read a book to us.”  Mrs. Tucker is at the doorway when I enter and asks Sawyer what her last name is.  I find this kind of odd being that Mrs. McCalla just announced me but whatever.  Then Sawyer pipes up, “Sweetie Pie!”  My daughter thinks her last name is SWEETIE PIE!  Mrs. Tucker and I start laughing hysterically.  I guess the teachers have been working on this with the kids and Sawyer is convinced that her last name is Sweetie Pie!  Don’t try to tell her different.  (this is where her determination shines through)  I’m glad her teachers have a sense of humor about this.  This is obviously her Papa Willey’s fault.  He always calls her Sweetie Pie so evidently that’s her last name, right???


Do you notice how cute my little ‘Sweetie Pie” looks in these pictures?  Isn’t she just adorable?  She kept her hair pinned back in a barrett the entire day … so cute!  Yeah, do you want to know why she kept her hair in a barrett the entire day????  Let me tell you!  Right before we left for school … I’m saying RIGHT BEFORE, I notice the top of her head looking a little odd.  ARRRGGGGG!!!!!  She had gotten into the scissors and yes, you know what’s coming … a chunk of hair GONE from the TOP OF HER HEAD!!!!  I could have just …. arrrrrhhhggggg!!!  So, you want to know why she left her barrett in all day??? … I threatened ‘Miss Sweetie Pie’ within an inch of her life, that’s why!!!!


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Maranda said...

You crack me up! Sawyer did look very cute though. She is too sweet!

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