Thursday, October 22, 2009

June Cleaver didn’t have a middle child…

It has officially hit me.  I am TOTALLY contributing to my middle child’s ‘middle child syndrome’.  Sawyer was Star of the Week in her preschool class this week.  When Tucker got this honor last year the week was filled with root beer floats, zoo trips, kite flying, etc., etc. … oh, and TONS of pictures.  This is such an honor for these little guys.  That is their special week at school.. getting to be line leader, bringing show-n-tell and treats.  AND they get to bring home the class’s mascot.  Last year with Tuck, it was Buddy the Bunny.  This year with Sawyer it was Kaycee the Kangaroo.  I captured every moment with Tucker and Buddy.  I did not get one single picture of Sawyer with Kaycee….NOT ONE!  June Cleaver, I am not!  In fact, Sawyer brought home Kaycee on Thursday of last week and ended up spending the weekend with Grandma and Grandpa.  Thank Goodness she remembered to take Kaycee with her otherwise that poor poor Kangaroo would have had THE most boring, longest week ever!  Lucky for Sawyer and Kaycee, Grandma Willey IS a typical June Cleaver and did lots of fun things….special lunches, tea parties, dress up – yes, my mom had dress up clothes for not only Sawyer but KAYCEE too!  My mom IS June Cleaver.  Not me!  I got none of those genes.  And - Grandma got a few pictures. Unfortunately I wasn’t organized enough to have Mom email them to me…..once again, June Cleaver – I am NOT!

I did manage to remember treats on Tuesday.  Lucky for me, it’s Halloween season which means you can get just about anything in a snack pack size.  Baby Oreos (as Sawyer calls them) it was.  Unlucky for me, I TOTALLY forgot that she was also suppose to bring something for show-n-tell.  June Cleaver, I am  NOT!  Lucky for me, the teacher is allowing Sawyer to bring 2 show-n-tells today….as if getting her to make up her mind on one wasn’t hard enough … yeah, yeah….June Cleaver?  Nope…

I finally decided that I wasn’t taking this week nearly serious enough for my middle child so I saw a really cute idea for ‘decorated’ Candy Corn Cookies.  I use the word ‘decorate’ VERY lightly here.  It involves dipping a cookie (in the shape of a candy corn) in white chocolate and dark chocolate.  I can do that….so I thought.  Because I am NO June Cleaver, I just decided to buy the refrigerated cookie dough at the grocery store.  Easy….uh huh?  I bought several tubes because I knew my cookie cutter was huge and I needed to get 20 of those puppies done.  I dyed the dough orange then went to roll it out.  I must say that this is the VERY first time in my ADULT life that I have made ‘cut out’ cookies.  I floured the surface, floured the rolling pin, went at it and…. had nothing but an orange sticky sticky mess.  It looked like I was trying to roll out orange sherbet.  Once I finally got it to quit sticking to the pin, I was excited to use the cookie cutter.  Things were going great … I was getting so excited…. hmmmm…. getting them off the table onto the cookie sheet was a COMPLETELY different story.  By this time I was really cussing out the blog lady (who I don’t even know … I just want to be as June Cleaver’ish’  as her) for telling me that these were Oh, soooo EASY and FAST!  Fast??? Are you kidding me?  What she claimed to whip up in just a few ‘minutes’  took me and ENTIRE day… yes, I said ENTIRE DAY!  Hers were all perfectly shaped and looked just like big candy corns.  Mine???  Nichole came home and thought they were ice cream cones!!!  An ENTIRE DAY for ice cream cones!!!!  Mine are deformed enough to resemble black, orange, and white ice cream cones…  You go, June Cleaver!

Here are the ones that will actually go to Sawyer’s classroom….


And here are a few of the ‘rejects’.  Poor, poor little candy corn cookies.  You’re just not good enough for a classroom of 3 year olds…


But don’t you think they look nice in cello wrap  and ribbon?  (please, please say yes…. )


So, my dear Middle Child, Sawyer – I am so sorry that I didn’t make your very first ‘Star of the Week’ week more exciting for you!  I know you don’t have a clue as to who June Cleaver is and I’m soooo glad you don’t.  We’ll go out for root beer floats after school today:-)

Love you, Sweet Girl!




jennifer said...

You're a great mom!!!! Make my kids some cookies will ya!!! Those looked so yummy all wrapped up!

Trasie Bressler said...

You may not be June Clever but your are Dina Ross and that makes you the best Mom ever!!!!!

the whytes said...

dina you make me look like the worst mom ever. knock it off!! :) those cookies are too cute!

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