Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh what a night….

We went camping this beautiful Memorial Day weekend.  We got back late this afternoon and decided we would take MUCH needed baths/showers and go out for dinner.  Camping food is great… hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, candy, pop, JUNK food… but when you’ve had enough, you’ve had enough.  Dad’s choice tonight and it was Red Lobster.  We never go there so it was a welcome change.  Besides, there was no luck fishing so Red Lobster is the next best thing right?:-)

I don’t know if the kids were so tired, they were deliriously silly or the fact that with 2 full days of being outside - they were a little too used to talking/laughing/playing as loud as they wanted … they were right out CRAZY at the restaurant tonight! 

Let me preface a little… They have been obsessed with hamsters lately … don’t ask me why … for some very VERY odd reason, hamsters seem to make it into every conversation lately….. I know, WEIRD!

I ordered a broiled platter sort of meal.  Translation – there were several different seafood items all on one plate.  One was shrimp scampi.  Evidently in Tucker’s eyes, the way the shrimp were presented on the plate was very similar to the way crab legs might be presented.  I know – I don’t get it either – Bear with me.

Tucker doesn’t say crab legs though … this is what came out of his mouth:

“Mom, you’re not going to eat those hamster legs are you????”  [Did he mean to say crab legs?  But they’re not even close to crab legs it’s shrimp!!!]

“What????  Those aren’t hamster legs, Tuck.  Those are shrimp.”  What the???

Some time passes…  Sawyer’s shoes come off, her feet go on the table, Porter is covered in ketchup and lemonade because he throws a COMPLETE fit if I try to help him, I have given up and am just trying to eat my meal and start to pray to myself,  “Thank you Lord for there only being one other table of people in our area of the restaurant".

Darrin had ordered some sort of seafood linguine.  Tucker asks him what it is.

“It’s linguine.  Do you want some?”

Little Weenie???”

Sawyer’s laughing uncontrollably, the baby is now trying to eat the crayons, I’m looking at Tucker --- WHAT did he just say???  And Darrin loses it.  Not, “Be prepared for your lifelong sentence in time out” kind of losing it – He joins in on Sawyer’s behavior.  He can’t quit laughing.  I’m glaring at him with the you’re-going-to-be-sorry-when-he-ends-up-in-the-principal’s-office-everyday kind of glare.  He says, “I feel like we’re having dinner with Doug.”— Darrin’s brother – Tucker is definitely his ‘Mini Me’…. in every way.

Why didn’t we just go to McDonald’s like they wanted to?

…. But you know what??? Sometimes you just HAVE to laugh to get you through the moment.  And I did.  I let Porter drench himself in lemonade and ketchup.  I let Sawyer sing the ABC song at the top of her lungs.  And I laughed at Tucker.  Hopefully after we all get a good night’s sleep tonight in our own clean beds, we’ll be back to normal tomorrow … or not????

Darrin says to me tonight before he headed up to bed, “Our kids might be REALLY naughty, but they are damn funny.:-)”  I would have to agree….

but I won’t let them know that until they are grown and out of this house:-)

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The Wrights said...

Oh man! I'm proud of you. Sometimes you have to give in. As "they" say, if you can't beat them, join them.

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