Thursday, May 27, 2010

A cause for celebration …. May 7, 2010

Mother’s Day weekend brought with it a trip to St. Francis – the western frontier.  We usually travel out there once every summer but usually for a graduation.  There were no graduations this year but there was still a big reason to celebrate.  Do you remember Nanny Nichole  -- Trey’s (Darrin’s nephew) fiancé?  Nichole lived with our family while she worked just outside of Wichita.  She became part of our family back then but now it’s official.  Trey and Nichole were married in late April in Mexico and the big reception celebration was the second weekend of May in St. Francis.  We traveled out and as you can see, our 90 degree temperatures did NOT follow us.  Who knew we’d hit freezing sleet in Goodland, just 5 hours away??? IMG_7463  



I took this picture right before I touched the electric fence … yeah, you heard me right….IMG_7534IMG_7490


Welcome (officially) to our family Nichole…


This girl has decided that she will share her ‘buddy’ with Nichole.  There was quite a bit of reluctance but if Trey loves her, Sawyer does too… :-)


Oh the tushies this lap has seen.  I believe the count is 24? … Yes, this woman has 24 grandchildren!  And that doesn’t even include the tushies of her own children.  :-)  We sure do love that Grandma Bucholtz! 29713_502902859418_293700076_29701_6767430_n

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amy said...

So... how bad did the electric fence hurt??

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