Thursday, December 17, 2009

THEY get it and I’M losing it…

As I read through my favorite blogs, I am reminded that I am not the only one feeling a little overwhelmed this time of year.  We’re all strapped for cash when wanting to get our loved ones the things they would like and we’re all rushing around in a frenzy because there never seems to be enough time to get all the holiday projects finished.  I’m glad I’m not alone in the chaos but was reminded the other night when reading a bedtime story to the kids, what Christmas is all about.  As I read, “The First Christmas” to Tucker and Sawyer – THEY were the ones that piped in,
Tucker: "Christmas isn’t about presents, Mom.” 
Sawyer: “And it’s not about Santa either.  It’s about baby Jesus being born.”
I cried.  Right there trying to get through a sweet little children’s book, I cried.  They get it.  I’ve struggled with it this month… between the orders, the projects, the shopping, the (trying to) baking, stressing over getting everything wrapped, the not cooking one single meal because my kitchen counters are full of projects, the house being a disaster because I put too much on my plate, the yelling at my kids for 3 weeks because all this is stressing me out and I haven’t spent two minutes just playing with them …. but THEY get it.  We are so blessed that they get to go to such an amazing preschool.  Unfortunately, I haven’t exactly been a top role model for “the reason for the season” but Kidslink Preschool keeps my kids grounded and in a close  personal relationship with Him.  For that, we are so so blessed.
THIS is what Christmas is about….
Oh yeah, and also paparazzi parents….  :-) IMG_2873

Joy to the

We have a walker!….  (oh, and thank you for not judging me for my laundry piles)…
YAY Porter!  THIS is my perfect Christmas gift.  His brother and sister got the spotlight on the stage today and he of course stole the show!
Life is Good right now.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure come Christmas morning, the birth of our Savior won’t be the first thought that comes to their little minds …. yeah, it will all be about Santa but it’s nice to know that somewhere deep in those little heads, they really do get it.
Although, as I was getting the computer out tonight to write this inspiring (HA) post, I hear these words come out of my 5 year old’s mouth ….
“Son of a b----!”  (Ouch!)  This was of course followed by my monthly screaming and yelling fit.
And all is right in the little Ross world.


jennifer said...

love it! it's such a great moment when they 'get it'! I love to hear Morgan talk about it too! You're a great Mom...I'm also the one who put too much on my plate..we just can't help our selves!

Congrats to Porter-man!

hugs your way!!!!

The Wrights said...

What!?! He's walking so early. Apparently his buddy Ike didn't tell him that he can hold out until he's 16 months old before he shows interest in walking.
Good job Porter!

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