Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My little Samson…

Today, little man – Porter went from this…

IMG_2824 copy

and this….

IMG_2825 copy

to this….

IMG_2826 copy

and THIS….

IMG_2827 copy

Ports got his 1st haircut today at 13 months and 6 days old.  Yes, yes, I know he should have had one over 3 months ago.  It’s not that I was holding onto his baby-hood (is that a word?) or that I was trying to let it grow long … although I do think little boys with long hair are completely adorable.  It’s that I tried and tried to find a day when I could take an adult with me to get pictures of the event.  It turns out that I/ Porter just couldn’t wait any longer.  With camera in hand, we went into the salon thinking that surely there would be an available hairdresser who wasn’t busy and could snap a few pictures for us … nope!  We pretty much chose the busiest day in hair cutting history.   Soooo, I got a few before pictures and a few after pictures. Let me tell you, the during pictures are pretty much identical to the after pictures.  Yep, he pretty much screamed his head off the entire time.  I think he’s more into long hair.  Honestly, so am I.  If it means I don’t have to take him back there for another bad haircut because he won’t sit still …. fine by me.  Samson it is!


AMY said...

I love long haired babies! The first pic is funny. He has the look of, what do YOU want?

The Wrights said...

Oh my! How did I miss this? Porter looks more like Tuck with his shorter hair.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, so cute. The last picture with the "boo-boo" face is adorable.

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