Thursday, December 10, 2009

Can you guess….


…what Sawyer did on Sunday?  Andrea invited Sawyer (and the boys … Tucker was in Western KS with his dad and Porter came with us but there’s only so much a 1 year old can do with a gingerbread house) over to her sorority to spend the afternoon making gingerbread houses.  Sawyer loved it!  We had never done that before.  I guess the thought of gingerbread houses has always stressed me out … baking the gingerbread, building the house and keeping it from collapsing, then the kids with ALL that candy …. the thought of trying to organize this and keep my sanity makes me start to twitch.

Evidently, the new fad in gingerbread houses is building them out of graham crackers.  Brilliant!  I know, I’m behind the times.  I keep seeing this idea all over the blog world and WOW … sooo much easier to wrap my mind around rather than baking and praying they don’t collapse and ruin Christmas memories and forever damage my children … well, not that last part … Graham Crackers are the best invention EVER!

IMG_0402 IMG_0411 IMG_0421-1  IMG_0430

Thank You Andrea for such a fun time:-)


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jennifer said...

What a great idea! Did they just use regular frosting to make it stay up? I'm guessing the houses were made before hand!? I'm going to attempt this...maybe a Christmas Eve project after the kids service at church!? hmmmm....thanks for posting!

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