Thursday, November 19, 2009

Holiday Open House!!!

So this weekend I will be doing an open house with all my ‘stuff’ … bows, barrettes, charms, etc. …

I normally keep this blog strictly for my kids but I couldn’t seem to figure out my picture ‘problems’ on facebook and wanted those girls that might be interested to see a little of what I will have in the show.

Soooo, here’s a small sample of what I’ll have there. 

If you’re in the Wichita area ….

come to:

102 Catalpa 

Derby, KS

It starts at 10am. 

Come on over and take a look, have a couple of beverages, and get some shopping done.

Hope I see you there:-)

IMG_9447 IMG_9461 IMG_9464


Yes, that’s me and my sister when I was around 2 or 3 …. Yes, I can put ANY picture on a tiny 1” x 1” piece of glass … Aren’t we just the cutest?  My mom used to think so:-)



Yep, I’ve been up to my same bad habits … an uncontrollable addiction to ribbon … bows, and bows, and bows oh my! …



jennifer said...

You are one talented lady!!! I totally LOVE everything!!! Put me on your list for a necklace with a picture!!! I have been getting ready to order one but I would so love to have yours instead!!!!! I love your "girlie" talents!!!


Trasie Bressler said...

OH Geez.....Just bring those bows to my house because I don't think they will make it until 10:00 am on Saturday morning..........Would you stop making such cute bows already!

The Wrights said...

It all looks great, Dina! You may need to make more than you planned. They are going to go fast!

AMY said...

Such beautiful pieces, Dina!

jennifer said...

No wonder I haven't heard from you!!!! Everything looks awesome!! I hope to make it out there!

the whytes said...

so cute, dina!!! you have been super busy.

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