Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Look who’s…..


TODAY!  Yep, this sweet cheeked little man…


I can’t even believe that one year ago today I gave birth to an 8lb. 14oz. bundle of cuddles and today he is a 30lb. gentle giant who has completed this family.  I can’t imagine life without him and his siblings.

We, of course, started all traditions on Friday.  My near and dear friend, Kara has made all my kids’ tablecloths.  We have known each other for over 8 years now.  We were part of the ‘Fine Arts’ department at Wilbur Middle School together.  She being the true artist, the art teacher and me, the band teacher.  She now stays at home raising her 2, yes, I said 2 sets of twins … who just couldn’t be any cuter …  She’s such a great mom and so so talented and creative.  These tablecloths are so cherished in our house.  The impact truly hit me when doing Tucker’s 5 year old hand prints on his.  Every year when we get them out, we all love seeing each hand grow.  Thank you, Kara for these memories you have given me and my kids:-)  They will be cherished forever.

 IMG_9078  IMG_9086-1 IMG_9141

We actually celebrated Porter’s birthday on Saturday at my parent’s house…

IMG_9137 IMG_9136 IMG_9160 IMG_9183 IMG_9187 IMG_9191 IMG_9200 IMG_9205 IMG_9216 IMG_9223 IMG_9226 IMG_9277

Today is the actual day so of course and we got to wake up to this news breaking broadcast… 

(people have always told me I have a distinctive laugh … let’s just say annoying, people! … uuugggghh, my laugh is HORRENDOUS!)

Then we continued with smiley face pancakes on HIS special plate…


When I ordered the plate, the lady knew me and the fact that I have ordered each birthday plate from her and have had it specially made to fit each of my kids.  She knew that they would be eating from these ONLY on their birthdays from now until they are 90!  She thought I was absolutely crazy to put the word ‘Sweet’ on a BOY’S plate!  “Don’t you think he’ll think it’s a little ‘girly’ when he gets older?”.  In my head of course, “Don’t you think you ought to just let me order the plate myself and put what I want on it being that I know my child better than anyone??? – AND I’M PAYING FOR IT!”  … Sorry, I was a little miffed at this.  Anyway, the word ‘SWEET’ describes this little man PERFECTLY!  It’s a word that comes out daily in reference to Porter.  Besides, I’m sure there’s going to be a day when the word ‘sweet’ won’t exactly be the first word that comes to mind (…he IS a Ross, you know) when trying to comprehend his actions.  I might need to be reminded every year of how this little boy used to be:-).


We bought his tree this weekend.  I was so excited at the beginning of November … watching all the beautiful trees around town turn into such vibrant spectrums of color.  Porter was born in the MOST beautiful month.  Unfortunately, it was VERY hard to find a tree with it’s leaves still on … I didn’t think about that*.  Soooo….Porter might always take his picture next to a bare tree :-( … I may need to break the rules a little and take his ‘Birthday’ picture a week or so early:-)


*Sorry Buddy, that we took your first tree picture beside an unplanted, leafless tree.*



We love you more than you will ever know:-)


Maranda said...

Happy Birthday Porter! Dina, I love all of the traditions you do with your kids. They will have such special memories! You are the best mom!

The Wrights said...

This made me cry! Little Porter is just the sweetest! You put the perfect thing on his plate. You got some great pictures. Totally loved his cakes! Glad he did, too. Thanks for saying such nice things about me. You are too sweet.

The Wrights said...

PS Totally love his birthday shirt! It's perfect! So cute.

Trasie Bressler said...

Oh Porter-Dude I love you and I can't believe that you are no longer zero (as Reece would say) but are a whole year old. I just blinked once I swear I did!

I hope you know what a blessed little boy you are. I hope you know that God hand picked your Mommy and Daddy just for you and their hearts are full. I hope you know that your Mommy is the most amazing and strong woman I know. She is talented, beautiful, genuine, and loves her babies so much that she would give her life to protect them. While you are turning one her heart is learning to let go of all of the baby things and preparing to move on to the next adventure that awaits.

I love you Porter-Dude and your smile could melt a pot of chocolate!

the whytes said...

oh, dina, you should've told the plate lady not to be jealous of you winning 'mother of the year'. :) ha ha. happy b-day little porter man!

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