Monday, August 10, 2009


We're sitting at the lunch table today and for some odd reason the flies have been worse than ever this summer. I can't stand them!!! So gross! Well Tucker, on the other hand, is very taken by them. One will land and he will sit there studying it's every move...the way they rub their grimy little front feet (is that what you call them???) together, their nasty, huge rainbow colored eyeballs, the way they take off straight up into the air - no forward momentum needed. He could watch them forever...GROSS!
Back to the lunch table...we're sitting there and he just lets them land on his food! This is so disgusting and SICK! When I was little someone told me what actually happens when a fly lands on food and it turned my stomach so much that I'll never forget it. I'm not sure if it's true but it stuck with me forever and I honestly wouldn't mind if all flies on earth were forever gone and EXTINCT!
Lunch Scenario:
Tucker is sitting there watching a fly land on his sandwich and watching it go through it's disgusting series of habits...
Tucker: "Look Mom, when it lands it rubs it's hands together like this [immitates the nasty bugger].
Me: "Tucker do you have any idea how gross flies are? Did you know that when a fly lands on your food he throws up [I'm sooo sorry for this part, but this is what I was told] on it, then eats it? So don't let it land on your food!"
Tucker: [...has a not-so-sure look on his face and is not as disgusted as I was hoping...]
Sawyer comes walking in. She had fallen asleep earlier and is now awake and ready to join us for lunch.
A fly lands on Sawyer's sandwich
Tucker: "Sawyer, don't let that fly land on your sandwich. He'll throw it up in the air, then catch it, then eat it!"

The laughter begins....from me, of course! :-)


Trasie Bressler said...
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Trasie Bressler said...

Don't you wish Noah would have swatted those 2 flies?

theProvidentWoman said...

Flies have been horrible in my house too. It doesn't help that my husband is as bad as my kids and never closes a door to the outdoors.

The Wrights said...

Classic! I love it!

drewmark19 said...

That's cute! I love how kiddos digest information we give them and come up with a whole new meaning. I'm loving your blog. Very entertaining! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. I plan on making more video I just have to find moments where it's quiet in my house. (Which is very rare!)

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