Sunday, May 10, 2009


I got a Mother's Day card in the mail yesterday from my friend (Thanks Jen:-) It read:

a summary


Holy Crap!
It's Hard.

The End

I laughed so hard because it's sooooo true. Anyone who is a mom understands this. matter how hard or rough or crazy it gets, I would never ever ever trade my life in for something different. I just wish it would slow down. I got to thinking this morning (after my already-made-by-my-loving-husband breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast next to my daisies that my kiddos picked out for me...yes, they are the ones pictured) about how lucky I am and how this is my very first Mother's Day where my family is complete. Little Porter man made our family whole when he joined us back in November and life is just perfect.

Dear Tucker,
I hope that you never lose your sense of adventure and your love of all things living. I love that you would rather be outside fishing, exploring, inventing, playing in the mud, playing with creepy crawly things, and just plain loving nature than inside with a video game or tv. I love that you are emotional like me when it comes to animals and loved ones. You are my first born and you changed my whole life the day you came into it.

Dear Sawyer,
You are my independent girl and I LOVE it! You are strong and secure but you still have that sensitive sweet female side that makes everyone fall in love with you the second they meet you. I love that you would rather wear blue jeans and a t-shirt anyday as compared to a dress and bows. I love that you are an outdoor lover like your brother and one day the two of you will realize just how much alike you are and become best buds. You are my only daughter and I am so so happy that you are:-) God gave us the perfect girl.

Dear Porter,
You are 6 months old today! and I can't even remember what our family was like before you came along. You complete us:-) I love your easy-going baby attitude. Nothing seems to really bother you. You are so patient and I hope you hold onto this along with your sweet sweet little personality:-) You have a smile that lights up the room. I may be having the worst day yelling and screaming at your siblings, I look at your little round face as I'm holding you in my arms and your big, gummy, slobbery smile melts my heart and reminds me that life is so so good. "Be happy, Mom, we're the coolest kids ever!", you seem to say:-)...I can't help but smile back and TOTALLY agree with you:-)
I do have THE COOLEST KIDS EVER and I'm so happy that I get to be their mom. So even though motherhood is hard, I wouldn't trade in this adventure for anything:-)
The End


The Wrights said...

This is just the sweetest. It made me cry. You are totally right about everything you wrote (from an outsider looking in, anyway.) You are very lucky. And God bless the baby (babies in my case)! Isn't it true how one look at your baby can erase angry feelings, even if it's just for a second or two? You are a fantastic mommy!

Sandra said...

That was so sweet! It brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy for your wonderful family.
Sandy Wilson

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