Sunday, May 31, 2009


At the beginning of the week, Darrin decided to shave off his goatee (is that how you spell that???) aka facial hair. Well, evidently Sawyer has never seen him 'clean-cut', or she just doesn't remember it. She had a complete meltdown when she saw him for the first time with no hair. She wouldn't go to him or even look at him. She just kept saying, "Daddy's face not wite, it's not wite." Eventhough I tried to convince her that it would be grown back in by tomorrow :-), she still had a real problem with it.
So today, for some reason, the whole facial hair thing came up again. This is her side of the conversation:

You mommy, you no have no mooshtash
Bama no have no mooshtash
Button not have no mooshtash
Papa has mooshtash
Poto (Porter) no have no mooshtash
Tucko (Tucker) no have no mooshtash
Daddy no have no mooshtash....not wite (right) (as she shakes her head)

By the looks of things, the 'mooshstash' is back. And it only took 3 days:-)

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Anonymous said...

that is great!! how funny!!! i can totally hear her saying that!!

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