Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I know that I talk about Tucker in pretty much every entry but he's just at such a funny stage and I want him to have a written journal of what he puts me through. HAHA! Someday he's going to have kids of his own and will wonder where the behavior came from:-)
Anyway, Darrin and I try relentlessly to teach him the difference between 'appropriate' words and 'inappropriate' words. This has forced us as parents to really watch what we say. The word, 'stupid' tends to be said a little too often and Tucker knows that this is a bad word. It seems that we all slip......me, Darrin, my mom, my dad........it's really hard to not say it. Everytime Tucker hears it......"Don't say dat! Dat's a bad wood!" He's corrected us all more than a few times.
I have also started using the common parenting technique of 'spelling' words out in order to avoid the nonstop questions. Last night, we were all over at my parents house. The kids had spent the day over there. I asked my mom if they had gotten in the "P-O-O-L". I did this because of course had I said the word outright, Tucker wouldn't give it up and would want to get in instead of getting ready to go home. As soon I spelled it out, he says and shakes his finger at me, "Don't say dat, Mom". I guess he's getting tired of being left out of the loop.

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