Monday, August 13, 2007


I spent this last week in Grand Island, NE helping with my grandmother's sale. She now lives in an independent retirement community and does not have room for all of her 'pretties'. It's very hard to go through her home and mark memories with a price tag. As my dad and I were driving home, I was thinking how amazing it was that that house was such an important part of my childhood. I think I remember more about my summers spent there than my life spent in my own home..........crazy.

Tucker and Sawyer spent the week with my mom. -- God Bless Her!!!! The kids love it there. I was only gone for 5 days but it seems like they each grew a couple of inches.

Tucker's birthday is coming up and they must have had a few conversations about it. I asked him what he wanted and his top items were, "a chainsaw, not 1, 2", and an "antweeder" -- translation: weed eater.

He also has a great memory. Mom had some pictures of my grandmother's 90th birthday party. He pointed out great 'button' (great grandma...all grandma's are 'button'...we don't know why) and Steve, my cousin who he hasn't seen in a couple of months. He also had quite a few funny things to say about my uncle:-)

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