Monday, August 6, 2007

I need to get better at posting more often!

As I'm looking at the blog, I realized the last post was on June 10th! So much has happened since then. Sawyer celebrated her 1st birthday on June 15th. She now has 2 TEETH! She's walking all over the place. I hate to say it, but she's starting to realize how easy it is for her to get away with things because she's the baby of the family. Whenever I leave the room I hear her give out a series of screams, I go running - thinking of course Tucker has hit, slapped, pinched, shoved, pulled her hair, etc. I go running in the room to find she is doing it just to get my attencion in hopes that Tucker will get in trouble for something. .......the baby of the family. The above pictures are her one year pics. The one on the right is Sawyer with her "Birthday" Tree and the one on the left was taken at her birthday party at Big Cedar in Branson.

Tucker is changing so much. He now talks NONSTOP. He literally does not stop from the time he wakes up to the time he falls asleep. Whatever happened to the days of a nice relaxing evening watching a show with no distractions........KIDS! But we'd have it no other way. We do find that we don't want to miss one word --- He's sooo funny. He was riding in Papa Willey's truck with Papa and Darrin one day. My dad and Darrin were having a conversation when Tucker kept trying to get their attencion. Pretty soon, "Hey, hey, listen up. I'm talking to you". How do you not laugh at that? What came next?......"Papa, you need to get a new pool." My dad's response, "You've been talking to your mom".

Another day Tucker kept persisting that it was his turn to fix supper. Of course, if he wasn't a 2 year old I would TOTALLY consider it. Darrin finally asked him what he was going to make. "I'm thinkin' chicken". .....too cute to hear it come out of a little curly blonde headed boy!

I will try to get more pics on. I need to talk to my good friend Jimmy and figure out how to position them differently.


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