Friday, February 19, 2010

Target practice ….


I am not a gun person nor a hunting type person but the man I married happens to enjoy both. 

I am proud to say though, that he mostly hunts for the social aspect of it and I have never had to witness a dead deer landing on our back porch.  Don’t get me wrong … he would love to bring a deer home but he’s smart enough to know that I would never be open to anything but pictures or the occasional ‘knick knack’ on my walls.  He also has a huge love of all animals and doesn’t hunt just to ‘kill’ something and to feel all ‘manly’ but rather to help control the ‘circle of life’.  There is a huge deer over-population problem in Western Kansas and evidently my husband likes to be a part of taking that matter into his own hands.

Anyway, Tucker wants to be just like Dad but has the sensitivity issues of Mom.  I understand the whole over-population thing but my heart just always goes back to that beautiful, free spirited creature.  Tucker goes out to Western Kansas with his dad every year to go hunting …. well …. Darrin goes hunting, Tucker hangs out with Grandma:-) … but this is hunting to Tuck and I’m ok with that.  He got a bb gun for Christmas and wants to do nothing but shoot targets.  He is already trying to convince his dad that there won’t be any shooting of deer next year … just target practice:-)  I love that.  I can deal with that.  He’s really good about understanding that the gun only comes out of the gun safe (which is ALWAYS locked) with Dad or Grandpa.  I love this too.  He already gets how dangerous they are.  I know it’s just a bb gun but that day will come when he wants something a little bigger and I think it’s so so important that he understands the seriousness of this.  Honestly, this is the only way that I will even allow a gun in this house.  I’m not a big fan but I do believe that it all comes down to a proper education about them. 

Anyway, enough of the blah, blah, blahgity, blah…

He’s a pretty decent little shooter (is that how you say that?)….

IMG_4809 IMG_4841

Sis was not too thrilled with not having her own pink bb gun…


This kid could have a good time anywhere…


I told you he could shoot.  All those divots are HIS … well, all but one.  I had never shot any kind of gun before.  He was gracious enough to give me a few pointers and yes, my mark is the one at the bottom of the red on the BULL’SEYE!  You can just call me Calamity Jane…


BB’s stuck in the fence… To Tuck, these are like handprints in cement:-)


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The Wrights said...

I love it! These pictures make Tucker look so big. That picture of poor little dejected Sawyer is just so cute. Poor thing. Get her a pink gun already.
Could Porter-man look any more like Tucker in that picture? Holy cow! You have the cutest kids!

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