Thursday, February 11, 2010

LOVE is in the air….

This little girl can be so cute…IMG_4453

And oh so….


So, so bad…


Today was her Valentine’s Party at school…


And when they came home, I had promised them that we would decorate the cookies we had baked yesterday.  They frosted (errr… dipped – WAY easier than spreading or piping!)

IMG_4493 IMG_4504

There were lots of sprinkles involved…


Did I mention LOTS of sprinkles?…


This poor little man has been sick with a fever for the last two days.  It shows in his eyes:-( 

“Someday you will get to decorate cookies too, Porter-man.  Just not when that yucky stuff is dripping from your nose, OK?”


I just can’t get enough of the teamwork.  It has been nothing but screaming, hitting, pushing, torturing, fighting ALL week.  And you should see what they’ve been doing to each other! … :-)

It’s nice to see some cooperation…


Aren’t these nice to see too? …



amy said...

How fun. The kids did an awesome job! Hope Porter gets to feeling better soon.

The Wrights said...

Beautiful cookies! And it seemed as if they were angels.

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