Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Car Talk…

On the way TO preschool…

Tucker:  Sawyer, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Sawyer:  Ummm….I not know …. ummm …. CINDOWELLA!  Yeah, I wanna be Cindowella.

Tucker:  You can’t be Cinderella, Sawyer.  She’s just pretend.

*Being a preschool mom now, I’m at the school everyday and have really loved getting to see not only my own kids grow and change so much, but also all the other kids.  One of the little girls in Tucker’s class had left the room one day and Mrs. Bolan told the mother of that little girl that they had been talking about what they wanted to be when they grew up.  I heard Mrs. Bolan tell the girl’s mother that her daughter wanted to be a mom when she grew up.  I just thought that was the sweetest thing.  Just to see what her take was on that particular profession…*

Me:  Sawyer, do you want to be a mom when you grow up?

Sawyer:  Nooooo !!!!  [not ‘NO’ in a “Why would you say such a stupid thing?, Exclamation mark!” kind of way …. but ‘noooo’ “Please, please don’t make me do such an awful, painful, hideous thing.  Why would you torture me?” kind of way.]

Sawyer:  I’m nebbow gettin’ mehweed!  Nebbow, nebbow! 


Those of you that knew me at age 29, know that there was ABSOLUTELY no way I was having kids.  And those that knew me at age 26, know that there was ABSOLUTELY no way I was getting married.  My, my, my how things have changed but wow, my daughter and I are more alike than I ever thought.  Maybe one day she too will realize what an amazing ride parenthood is … and if not, that’s ok too.


On the way home FROM preschool…

Sawyer:  There’s Jesus, Mom.  [as we pass by a cemetery with a monument at the entrance]

Me:  Yep, there he is.

Tucker:  That must have hurt a lot when he was nailed to the cross, Mom.

Me:  We will never know the kind of pain that He went through.  You know he did that for us?

Tucker:  That would hurt so bad.  I just can’t think anyone could do that.

Me:  You know why he went through that, right?

Sawyer: Yep, cause he’s bwave.

Me:  [with a smile in my heart] soooo brave.

Sawyer:  Can we get a pop now?


Anndddd …. it’s over – just like that:-)


amy said...

I love reading your posts about your kids' conversations! It's so funny and endearing.

Cindy Pfaff said...

I would LOVE to someday meet those little ones of yours! And, you're right. Never thought I'd see the day that you would be doing the motherhood thing.....but, you do it well!

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