Saturday, March 13, 2010

Audience Etiquette …

I can’t believe I’ve put this post off for a week.  A week ago yesterday, Tucker, Sawyer, my mom, and I went to a fabulous performance of ‘Pinkalicious’.  If you’re a mom (or dad, for that matter) of a girl you MUST get this book for her!  This is one of Sawyer’s favorites and when I heard that it was coming to the Crown Uptown Dinner Theatre I knew we HAD to get tickets.  The Crown puts on a fantastic season of children’s productions.  Having a little experience in performing arts, I think taking kids to live performances is a must.  We had such a good time.  Yes, even Tucker had fun at PINKALICIOUS!  Hopefully we’ll get tickets to ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ next … that may be a little more up a little man’s alley:-)

IMG_5367 IMG_5397 IMG_5400 IMG_5403 

You can’t go to a dinner theatre without dinner …. and in this case, it was hotdogs, french fries, ‘pink’ applesauce, mac n cheese, and chicken nuggets:-)

 IMG_5413 IMG_5406


On Sunday, we had the great pleasure of getting to take the kids to Sesame Street Live.  You see, we have these friends … these amazing, fantastic, generous friends … the Wilson’s.  If you don’t know the Wilson’s, you should get to know them.  They are a family of five … just like us:-)  But unlike us, they had their 3 children all at the same time!  Yes, they have triplets. ….. 3 of the most beautiful, intelligent, sweet, sweet girls you will ever meet.  Unfortunately, the girls were recently very, very ill.  2 of the 3 ended up in the hospital for a week with RSV.  Izzy, the third of the sisters, was also very ill but did not have to be admitted into the hospital.  They are all well again but last week, I saw Maranda (their mom and one of my oldest and dearest friends) and she wanted to know if we wanted their Sesame Street Live tickets.  I just couldn’t believe she would want to give them up.  But of course she, being the most caring mother that she is, did not want to go without Lily.  You see, Lily was still in the hospital and would not be able to go with them.  Many moms would have taken the kids that were well but Maranda wouldn’t think of leaving Lily behind.  She’s super amazing like that:-)  Soooo the Ross’s were VERY blessed to get to go:-)  I still thank you, Maranda and Jimmy.  We just had the BEST time! 

The colors at this show are nothing but spectacular.  It’s such an amazing production.  If you have little ones … it’s a MUST!IMG_5484

IMG_5486   IMG_5545 IMG_5576

Intermission came and so did a man carrying about a bajillion of these balloons.  At $10 per balloon, I told the kids we would get one later.  If they kept pushing the issue, I would go to Party City and get the same thing for $2.  They forgot about them as soon as we left:-)

IMG_5707IMG_5711IMG_5748 IMG_5789 IMG_5809

Oh, to be young again:-)

Thanks again, Jimmy, Maranda, Lily, Audrey, and Izzy:-)


The Wrights said...

So cute! I cannot believe you are actually in a picture. It's about time!

Maranda said...

We are just so glad that you guys were able to use the tickets and have a good time! I love your pictures, so cute! And I can't wait to take the girls to Pinkalicious!

Anonymous said...
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