Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Car Talk …

Sawyer:  Mom, Is Gwama (grandma) pickin’ me up today?
Me:  Well Honey, you don’t have school today but yes, Grandma is picking Tucker up from school today.
Tucker:  Why is Grandma picking me up?
Me:  I have a doctor’s appointment today.
Tucker:  [he’s my big worrier … gee, I wonder where he gets it???] Oh Mom, are you getting shots?
Me:  No Honey.
Tucker:  Are you sick?  Why are you going to the doctor?
Me:  Every year mommies have to go to the doctor.  Kind of like how you and Sawyer and Porter have to go to the doctor every so often  just to make sure you’re doing good … well, it’s kind of like that.
Tucker:  Well, we have to always get shots.
Me:  Not always.
Tucker:  Mom, when I get big I’m gonna be a venter. [an inventor]  And I’m gonna vent shots that don’t hurt.
Me:  OK.
Tucker:  They’re gonna be the most awesome [yes, he used this word] shots cause they won’t hurt.
Me:  That’s a GREAT idea!
Tucker:  Yeah, there won’t be a pokey end on it.  It will be a soft end that just pushes soft on your arm and it doesn’t hurt.  I’m gonna call it The Most Awesome Shot.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Tucker is a stinkin’ genius!  Why hasn’t someone thought of this?  They can create a patch to help stop smoking, a patch to help with motion sickness, why not something that simple for kids’ vaccines?  I know, I know, it’s just a shot.  They should just deal with it.  It’s over as fast as it happens.  Tucker HATES going to the doctor’s office.  He LOVES his doctor but completely associates ‘going to the doctor’ with shots and pain … scary, scary pain.  I happen to think the Most Awesome Shot is going to sweep the country someday.  You heard it here first:-)
Tucker-man, you’re going to achieve big things in life.  You’re 5 years old and some of your ideas, dreams, and ‘ventions’ amaze me.  Keep ‘em coming, Buddy!  You can be whatever you want to be.  Dreams are meant to be lived. 

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