Thursday, January 21, 2010

Car Talk …

IMG_3693 copy

While on our way to preschool today ….

Me:  “What does a red light mean?”  (as the sound(s) from the backseat were about to drive me to my edge and I needed to create some sort of distraction  )

Sawyer & Tucker:  “STOP!”

Tucker:  “Green means GO.  What does the yellow light mean, Sawyer?”

Sawyer:  “It means to swow down, Tucko.”

Tucker:  “Good job, Sawyer [in his best teacher voice]!  How did you know that?”

Sawyer:  “Cuz I’m smote.”

Me:  [smile:-)]


This one’s pretty 'smote’ too…

IMG_3700IMG_3701 IMG_3703

1 comment:

The Wrights said...

So cute! Po-to is pretty cute, too. He's growing up entirely too fast!

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