Friday, July 3, 2009

One on One

Sometimes (well, always...) it's hard being a mom of more than one child. Of course there's the toys everywhere times 3, the fighting of siblings, bathtime times 3, but what I'm actually talking about is the individual time for each child. Of course the baby gets lots of one on one time but that will soon change the older he gets. Some of my favorite moments with my kids are when that rare moment occurs that I get to give one child my full and total attention (and it doesn't get followed by a firm scolding and 3 to 4 minutes in time out).

Sawyer absolutely loves, loves, LOVES to stay the night with my parents out in Cheney. We actually joke around that that's her second home....actually nowadays it seems like our home is her second home. Anyway, Tucker loves, loves, LOVES that Sawyer enjoys going there so much. He likes going too but he's at the age that he has figured out that if she goes he only has to share mom/dad time with one child and that child doesn't talk yet. It's really kind of humorous to watch the whole scene take place:

Right before my parents get ready to leave our house...

Tucker: Sawyer, Grandma and Papa are leaving....they're getting ready to go....they're leaving....

Sawyer: (To my parents) I go wit you guys???? You have seat for me, Papa???

My parents looking at me for approval....of course she can do I say no to that?

Tucker: Ahhh Sawyer, I'll miss you **hug--kiss** Do you have everything?...clothes?, shoes? (all while practically pushing her out the door)

Anyway, back to my original point. Porter was having his nightly bottle and Tucker climbed up on my lap for a little one on one conversation...this is one of my most favorite parts of being a mom. [Yes, I know, I was ready to sell him last week but moments like these are what I live for]

Tucker: Mom, I get to sleep with you and Dad tonight. (yet another reason he pushes Sawyer out the door)

Me: Earlier today you told me you were going to sleep in your own bed. Even though Sawyer's staying at Grandma's house, you said you'd sleep in your own room

Tucker: (With a big laugh) Oh, I was just joke-ed (joking). I'm really going to sleep with you and Dad tonight.

Me: Ya think so, do you?

Tucker: (abrupt change of subject...typical Tucker...very random child) Morgan (our friend, Jen's daughter) had her birthday. She's 4 now.

Me: Well, her actual birthday isn't until next week but yes, she'll be 4.

Tucker: No Mom. She told me she's 4 and I know she's telling the truth.

Me: Oh I know she's telling the truth. She was probably meaning that she'll be 4 on her birthday, which is next week.

Tucker: No Mom. She's 4. Maybe you're not right. Maybe you'''re...

By this time I realize that I should have given up a long time ago. Why can't I learn??? I just give in.

Me: Maybe I'm confused. You're right. She's 4.

Tucker: Yeah Mom. You're co-fused...just like Papa.

Me: Just like Papa? You think Papa's confused?

Tucker: Yeah, Papa says he's co-fused about everything. :-)

My dad is one of the smartest people I know but I can totally hear him saying this to Tucker :-) That boy is quite the parrot.

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The Wrights said...

So cute! That little Tucker is too smart for his own good, you know?!

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