Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4th '09

Yes, it is very very hard to get a picture of my three monkeys that somewhat resembles all three cooperating for the picture taking. This was the best I could come up with for the 4th of July. We had a great holiday.

My best friend from college, Lyndsay is a newly married woman:-) and she really wanted to have a 4th of July BBQ at her and Jon's new home in Park City. I was all up for it. I enjoyed having get togethers at my house soooo much more before I had kids. Trying to clean and KEEP my home clean and organized for visitors is just about more than I can handle these days....maybe I'll return to my old ways when the kids are a little older but right now, if we're invited we're comin'. Anyway, it turns out that, unlike Wichita, in Park City you can shoot off the 'big stuff'. The show from their front lawn was nothing short of spectacular. I told Lyns she would definitely be hosting the annual 4th of July BBQ at her house. Though we didn't have any of the 'big artillery', the kids had just as much fun shooting off our loot.

Thank You Jon and Lyndsay for a WONDERFUL 4th of July '09!

There's a new project going on at the Ross house. Can you guess what it is?

YES, We're building a new deck!!! I'm so excited. When we moved into this house 7 years ago, this was the first thing I wanted to replace. We are now, finally, getting to it. Let's hope that we finish it before the kids leave for college:-)

Helping Dad out 'a little'

"Tucko, Too tight!"

"Tucko!!! No funny!"

"Get Off!!!"

Friends again:-)

Eating a popsicle in rain boots when the weather is beautiful....priceless:-)

And what was Porter doing during all these shenanigans......

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The Wrights said...

Love the new deck project. It's going to be awesome when it's done. Love the pictures, too. The one of Sawyer is so sweet. And that little Porter is perfect, isn't he?!? What a sweetheart.

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