Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Child for sale....

....to a good home and at a low, low price! Sometimes this kid can drive me to the edge of sanity which probably explains a lot of my current mental state. Today at lunch, it was the typical day. Ten minutes before we eat,
"Mom, I'm hungry when are we going to eat? I'm starving!!!".
"I'm hurrying as fast as I can."
We sit down, he takes two bites and says, "I'm done."
"Ummm....no you're not. You need to finish it or I will take your plate and you will NOT get anything else. You'll just go to your room"
"That's fine. I wanted to go in there and watch cartoons anyway. While you're in the living room, I'll just creep around into the kitchen and eat what I want to eat."
I look up at Darrin with a look of 'Where in the ---- did this child come from???' and of course, Darrin starts shaking with laughter at this moment. And I wonder where in the ---- this child came from?????.....hmmmmm.....
Needless to say, I wasn't laughing and Tucker DID finish everything on his plate.
A while later, I was on the computer [stupid thing gets me in trouble everytime] and I thought I better go check on #1 and #2. I knew they had gone outside.
Can you tell their mom is a musician????
No, I did NOT stage this. Sawyer found the toy guitar in a Goodwill box in the garage and Tucker found my grandfather's harmonica (which was abruptly taken away!).
Yes, Sawyer is wearing her panties and two mismatched crocs.
They get their musical skills from me and their fashion sense from their father:-)
I'm sure the neighbors LOVE us. Thank heavens for privacy fences.
So, two for the price of one:-)...anyone, anyone???
But this one's not for sale. At least not for another few months....

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