Friday, June 12, 2009

Allergic Reaction????

So, in my last post I commented that Porter was having a terrible time teething. I never noticed teething as being such an ordeal with my other 2 kids. I came to the conclusion that maybe it has to do with the fact that both Tucker and Sawyer were a year old and were able to chew on certain foods..i.e. cheerios, teething bisquits. Maybe their teeth didn't bother them so much because of this. Of course at the time, I couldn't believe how mom's would 'gripe and moan' about how awwwfulll teething was on both the baby and them. "What a bunch of whiners," I thought to myself. Yeah, well, I will never criticize AGAIN!!! So, in my quest to find some sort of relief for my big, blue-eyed babe, I always (and WILL always) turn to my girlfriends. My friend Trasie told me about the miracle, all natural, homeopathic, drug called TEETHING TABLETS. I ran right out to Walgreens and bought them out grabbed a bottle. And let me tell you -- THEY ARE AMAAAZZZINNNGGG! I'm not even joking -- instant relief! Wow! In celebration, I let me big, blue-eyed babe have Peach Cobber (baby food style, of course) with his supper. Can you say HAPPY BABY???!!! He of course love, love, loved it.
Well, the next day (yesterday) all was well. Porter laid down for his morning nap and when he woke up I saw red spots all over his right leg and right arm. I quickly went through the blankets thinking it just had to be some sort of bug bite and since we hadn't been outside, I was terrified that it was running rabid through his bedding. I let a little time go and later checked him again and it was spreading horribly. I called the dr. and was able to get in at 4:30. Three doctors later and me remembering that I had given him the "miracle drug" for teething AND peach cobbler all in one day, the dr.'s (plural) concluded that he's either allergic to the chamomile in the tablets OR any number of ingredients in the cobbler. What a total drag...NO miracle drug OR cobbler until we figure out this allergy.
I just hope it IS an allergy. The dr.'s said that things would get worse before they get better...meaning lots more spreading of the dots and eventually itchiness...(poor baby).
The first 2 pictures are from yesterday, the last 2 are from today....


Maranda said...

Poor baby! I hope it clears up soon!

The Wrights said...

POOR BABY! The pictures are so sad. I feel so bad for both you and Porter. I hope you find out what caused the reaction. Hang in there!

Trasie Bressler said...

Poor Baby.....I feel terrible for him. I feel even worse about the fact I'm the one that told you about the teething tablets. I had not idea he would be allergic.

So sorry! Love ya Porter

Anonymous said...

Poor little guy!!! I hope I hope he gets to feeling better and heals up fast!!

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