Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Wrap-up ‘11

So the summer has come and gone in a milli-second. Branson is an every year thing for the Ross’s but this was Sawyer’s first year to get to go out for T-ball.  She loved the sport, loved her coach, and is pretty excited for next year.  She is showing some pretty fantastic athletic ability.  She may be my mini-me but she is so much more in to sports and competition than I ever was…IMG_5774IMG_5740


Those helmets are so darn big…



We were able to go back to Lake Wilson at the end of July for our ‘almost’ annual Ross/Bucholtz family camping trip.  We went 2 years ago but were unable to meet up last year due to harvest schedules…darn Mother Nature…you just never know what her plan is.  We were so happy to get to go back this year.  That lake is beautiful and it is never boring when this family gets togetherSmileIMG_7510IMG_7516IMG_7520IMG_7521IMG_7526IMG_7528IMG_7533IMG_7537

From this camping trip, Tucker and Sawyer left for  Granny Camp…quite possibly THE BEST part of summer for both them and meSmile…joking…I miss them every time they go, but this really gives them a great trip to the farm + THE BEST COUNTY FAIR IN THE STATE OF KANSAS…and it gives me a chance to get  started on yet another home improvement project. 

Darrin, Porter, and I made it in time for the parade and fair…specifically the DEMO DERBY…

OH YeAh!!!!


(thanks for the pics, Grandma Bucholtz…darn camera battery)

And… maybe the biggest news of the summer…………………………………………..


yep… a little freaked out by the fact that he had been working on those darn things for about 5 months….a little freaked out by the fact that it took one face-plant into papa’s pool table…and A LOT freaked out by the fact that that pool table interaction knocked not 1 but 2 right out of that kisser…

2011-08-07 20.06.02

2011-08-07 20.09.28

(both above pics taken by cell phone…we just weren’t prepared for this)

And the thing is…the 2 baby teeth took so long to come out, the 2 permanent ones were completely through about 2 months ago…crazy lookin’ kid!  He may be a little snaggle-toothed right now but we’re really REALLY hoping they find their way to the front of his jaw and quit growing towards his tongue…ewwwww….

No matter what, he’ll always be handsome in his mama’s eyesWinking smile.

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The Wrights said...

So cute, Dina. What a fun summer and great memories!
PS How do I get my kids registered for Granny camp?

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