Tuesday, May 17, 2011


There she is…1 day of Preschool left…IMG_5297

And there she is being Sawyer…We got to join our kids on the last day for a picnic lunch.  Of course, the weather never cooperates in Kansas so it turned into an indoor activity.  That’s OK, though.  A picnic’s a picnic, right?…IMG_5303

Mrs. Wright…IMG_5317

Mrs. Slack…IMG_5318

The next time I see this, it will be her FIRST day of KINDERGARTEN!!!!…oh my…IMG_5320

Emily and Sawyer are great friends.  Susie (Emily’s mom) and I are great friends…IMG_5332

and…these 2 will both be going to the same elementary school in the fall..YAY!!!IMG_5334

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