Friday, April 8, 2011

Car Talk…

Let me just start by expressing my love love LOVE for Volkswagon Bugs.  I have an affection for them all – old ones, new ones, broken down ones, flourescent orange ones…it doesn’t much matter.  I love them all.  I had a little white 1973(?..if I remember right) when I was in high school.  It never ran and once I had to drive it home backwards because the ‘drive’ part of the transmission went out but for some reason ‘reverse’ was in mint condition…..but I didn’t care.  I loved that car and cried when my dad got rid of it.  When I was a little girl…probably 4 or 5 … one of my favorite memories with my grandpa Willey was the many times I would get into his little yellow VW bug and dream of one day owning it…. my favorite thing --- the gas pedal was in the shape of an actual FOOT…yes, toes and all.  I loved that car, hence starting my love of the beetleSmile

SO…to the car talk part of this post…..

We’re driving down the road tonight and I see a BEAUTIFUL little cream colored bug CONVERTIBLE…soooo cute!  I told Tuck that one day, when he is rich and in the position to take care of his mama, I would like him to buy me a convertible bug just like the one seen….maybe in yellow though…I don’t know…my tastes may change by the time I’m 70….what does Tuck say?  He says NOTHING!  He sits there with a ‘you’re joking, right?’ look on his face.  Then says,

“Mom, those are like……. two hundred….fifty bucks!!!!”

Oh son….how I wish they were…how I wish they wereSmile

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The Wrights said...

That Tuck is so cute! Maybe someday when he's older and rich he will be able to afford that $250 VW for you. A girl can always dream, right?

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