Monday, March 28, 2011

mice, leprechauns, and a horse…oh my!…..

This once a month  blogging is really putting me in a funk.  There’re all these things I should be journaling but I either forget about the moment 2 minutes after it happens, am never at the computer, or this 2 year old in this house has me running like a mad woman….the latter…yes, the latterSmile  The kids are getting older, which means I am getting busier, which means I am losing my mind!!!!! …. it’s all a vicious cycleSmile

Sawyer was Star of the Week the week of March 14-18.  this years class mascot is a little Church Mouse.  I kind of felt sad for this one…up until now, they have all had a name.  This one…just Mouse….hmmm…

Sawyer was so excited when she was FINALLY picked as SOTW.  If you remember, the one concern with Sawyer in a classroom situation is that she ALWAYS wants to be FIRST!  I’m pretty sure her teachers rigged the ‘pull the name out of a can’ system.  TOTALLY fine with this mama.  It was so good for her to wait her turn.P1010007P1010008star of the week sawer 002star of the week sawer 004star of the week sawer 006star of the week sawer 009IMG_3624IMG_3636 


Of course, St. Patty’s Day was the 17th.  Those crazy little green men made a visit to our house in the middle of the night.  The kids just couldn’t believe they did what they did!!!!  Even a potty break!!!…are you kidding me?????!!!!!!  obnoxious I tell you, just obnoxious!



and….do you see why every minute of every day is consumed with this ‘lil’ cowboy’?…..IMG_3589-1 


Next up:  Our spring break in ColoradoSmile


the whyte house said...

oh, my porter!! hahahaha. love the once a month post. :) tell your dad that gumball machine is AH...wait for it...MAZING. :) seriously. i will be getting all of my wood working projects together for him to do. :)

The Wrights said...

Sweet Sawyer was a patient little girl. Looks like Mouse picked a great weekend to spend with the Ross family. Look at all that Mouse got to see and do.
Oh, and that last picture of Porter makes me giggle. He's so sweet. The horse got frank and beans ... and buns! Hee hee!

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