Thursday, February 3, 2011

Christmas 20….10 … :-)


Welp… the photo card is full so I guess it’s about time I posted our Christmas 2010 photos.  Yes, I know my promptness is unbelievably mind-warpingSmile 

Here she is performing at her preschool’s Christmas program.  Everyone in jammies… so cuteSmile


Santa and Christmas day at our house this year.


This is the look of a man who can no longer handle the Christmas morning excitement of 3 young children….


I told him he needed to quit being a less.than.happy.can’t.stand.the.screaming.running.fighting.SCREAMING.children parent.  He understoodSmile

I, yes, I, Dina, the non-cooking type decided to take on Christmas dinner this year.  It was stressful and I can’t believe my mom has done it for so many years… but I really really enjoyed it.  The turkey was not charbroiled nor raw and the sides actually got done all at the same time.  My mom was a HUGE help, though.  Pretty sure she knew she should probably interveneSmile


We celebrated the Willey family Christmas on the evening of the 26th over at my parent’s house.  This is always fun but more-so this year.  Maybe it was the ‘no need to rush on Christmas morning’ feeling or maybe it was the beer… regardless, it was A LOT of fun…

IMG_2476IMG_2480IMG_2483IMG_2500IMG_2503IMG_2513IMG_2519IMG_2524IMG_2530  IMG_2549IMG_2575

This thing was hilarious!  I’ve always seen them at Bed Bath & Beyond but wondered who in the heck would actually buy one… ummmm… that would be my SISTER!  She bought it for her daughter Tabitha… ummm… but everyone wanted a try.  I have to admit, I even tried it when no-one else was looking and it’s …. FANTASTIC!!!!  I highly recommend it….


Ok, the next series of pictures are SO typical mother/ daughter behavior in the Willey house…

My sister opened this present from our mom.  Mind you, the mat was not underneath…


This is where my sister about wet her pants because she’s thinking our mother has fallen off her rocker and has given her a handle for her bathtub.. you know, all those times her 40 year old body needs help getting out of the tub…


This is Mom trying her best to explain but my sister and I are laughing too hard to even hear a single word she’s saying…


It’s just too hard to control…


Mom is still trying to explain…


Mom is starting to give up….


It all turned out though.  Turns out, it’s this really cool tool for quilters (my sister’s quilts are AMAZING) to hold down their ruler thingies while they’re cutting.  I think it’s alternate bathroom use sounds good too though.

Christmas 2010 was a blast and I got to posting this so late, Christmas 2011 is just around the corner.  See, there’s always a method to my madnessSmile


The Wrights said...

Love all your pictures, Dina. I do have an issue with how big your kids are getting, especially Tucker. Wow! And nothing says I'm from Nebraska like a Husker quilt (which truly is awesome) and a Bud.
Thumbs up on being an overachiever and successfully handling Christmas dinner. Well done, friend.

Maranda said...

Great pictures as always, Dina! And I couldn't help but chuckle seeing your pictures of your mom and sister laughing so hard. I swear I could actually hear her laughing. That story just made me smile. :)

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