Sunday, December 5, 2010

2 year old in the HOUSE….


Well, for the 3rd and final time, the Ross house has hit the 2’s.  Terrible?… maybe.  Totally cute… absolutely.  Porter man had his big day back on NOVEMBER 10 … yep, MOTY (mom of the year) again…


The boy would have been completely happy with every gift being a balloon.  LOVES them…IMG_1803IMG_1813

Octopus and seaweed… you KNOW you want the recipe…


Every load of Porter’s laundry includes about 2 cups of pebbles in the pockets.  He has an obsession.  What better cupcake topper than rocks???… in the chocolate flavor of course…


The Grandma’sSmile  My mom’s birthday is the same day as Porter’s and Darrin’s mom’ is just 2 days earlier.  I’d say these ladies got a pretty special birthday present 2 years ago…


Ports, you amaze us everyday.  You’re a little man of few words but you know what you want and EXACTLY when you want itSmile  You are so busy and keep us constantly on our toes but your curiosity about this big world is so fun to watch.  Love you little-big manSmile


The Wrights said...

I've been (not so) patiently waiting for this post. I love this kid! Porter is such a cutie. Of course I'm always partial to the hand prints and tablecloths. I love, love, love, his face when you are helping him with his print. The pictures are great, Dina. Fantastic job...and worth the wait.

the whyte house said...

finally! :)
oh, the perfect. what a great idea for him. emily's actual birthday is friday...and we're doing NOTHING! :) of course we had 3 parties, so it's okay! haha.

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