Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lady Gaga goes to Pre-K…

Yep, there she is…. my daughter the rockstar headed out to her first day and last year of preschool…

 IMG_0659 IMG_0660 Gotta have those new fancy shoes – Thanks Grandma:-)….


She went in so fast I couldn’t even get a picture with her and her teachers…


“Have a great day, Honey… I’ll see you in a few hours….”  That’s Mrs. Wright.  She’s pretty fantastic….:-)


Sawyer is my easy goin’ kid.  IMG_0682My boys are …. let’s just say it…. they’re mama’s boys.  OK, I said it.  They will hate me for it later in life but that’s just the way it is right now.  And honestly, I’m ok with that.  Sawyer is my independent one.  If she’s emotional, she doesn’t want to show it.  If she’s hurt or not feeling well, she brushes it off.  She loves school and doesn’t think twice about missing me. … at least she doesn’t show it.  She’s a middle child and that makes her an adapter… if that’s a word?  She adapts to everything.  There are things that really bug her and tick her off (believe me) but in general she has such a fantastic attitude and outlook on life.  I love love LOVE that!  There are days when I look at her and wish I could be more like her.  She’s funny, loving, and definitely marches to the beat of her own drum… which again, I LOVE!  She’s our only girl.  That not only makes her special, but it also means these boys get to have a girl (other than mom) in their lives…. and a really COOL one at that:-)

I had to include this series of pictures.  I tend to enjoy holding the button down on the camera to get a ‘play by play’:-)  I think she pinched her finger in the seat belt… that, or realized her fingernail polish is chipping… she’s getting a little more ‘girlie girl’ everyday… I never said she wasn’t dramatic…:-)

 IMG_0698 IMG_0699  IMG_0701 IMG_0702

Just another day, huh Ports….:-)



amy lou said...

I bought those shoes for Breyya too. I can relate to Sawyer's personality. I am also a middle child with an older and younger brother. :)

The Wrights said...

Totally love those first couple pictures of Sassy little Sawyer. So funny! Love the shoes! And I'm pretty sure the boy I saw today is not the same one in the pictures. Just sayin'!

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